Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry and Bright.

Love to you and yours. <3

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Scenes from the Car

SCENE: Bo, Emma and I in the car on the way to pick up Bo's violin, which has been in the shop for repair.

Me: So did you get to borrow a violin at school today?

Bo: Yes, and it was terrible. I mean, it looked cool, and it was all brown...the chin rest was brown, the knobs were brown, but it just sounded, I mean, I played the right notes, and it sounded terrible. Even after she tuned it, it just... just sounded bad. I mean, it looked cool, but it didn't sound as good.

I will be so glad to get Lightning back.

Me: Lightning? I thought you named your violin Sparks.

Bo: Well, I named my bow Bullet, and so I changed the name to Lightning, because those are like the two fastest things in the world, and that's how I play. (Makes really fast violinish sounds)

Me: Lightning, huh? Huh.

Emma: So when you put Bullet and Lightning together, you get "Mary Had a Little Lamb?"

Monday, November 30, 2009


In Front of Me: Emma sits just beyond the view of my lappy eating leftovers for a late dinner after dance. She is humming "Hot Chocolate" from The Polar Express.

To the Left of Me: My calendar, assorted papers that need, well, sorting , sounds of the TV and Bill making comments to Bo regarding X-Men which he just switched past.

Behind Me: the kitchen. I don't dare turn around.

To the Right of Me: A very doggy chair and a table covered with scraps from yesterdays adventures in book making. Much more appealing than that which is behind.

Not doing the best job of keeping up with things these days. Feeling a bit discombobulated. (speaking of which, is "combobulated" a good thing to feel?
As in, "I wish my life was more combobluated."
"I'm very good at combobulating my once assorted papers."

things to ponder....)

Things I feel I'm not keeping up with:
that which is before,
and on either side of me.

Other than that, I'm doing ok.

Happy December.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adventures in Sunday School

Emma: "They asked me today if I was a Christian, and I said 'no'."

Me: "Why did you say 'no'?"

Emma: "Because I don't know what Christian means."

Me: "Well, if they had asked you if you had invited the Lord into your heart, what would you have said?"

Emma: (big smile) "I would have said 'YES I HAVE!!!'"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Now We are Eight.

Honey comes to town each year for Emma's birthday. It is a beloved tradition, enhanced this year by the sojourn to the American Girl Store for shopping and lunch! Emma got Elizabeth from Honey and Buzzy for her birthday and Samantha got a much needed hair-do.
I love Emma's happiness as seen in these pictures.
I just can't believe how big she is. How old she is. How lanky, slender and tall she is. Bill and I have about 10 heart attacks a week just looking at her. How did this happen?

Sunday was her birthday, and most of the day was centered around her first performance for the Dance Company. She may not be the most "precisional instrument of speed and aromatics" but one thing is for certain. She LOVES being on stage.
That's a good thing, right?
Not that either Bill nor I get that.
Or Bo.
We're just too shy and retiring.
No imitations, movie quotes and showtunes for us, no way.
Welcome to your eight year, Emkins.
We think you are just great. <3

Thursday, November 05, 2009


I was nervously chuckling, and backpedalling.
Emma was whimpering and hiding in another room.
Bo was screaming bloody murder and bracing himself inside the closet.
And Avalon was grabbing his nose.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Most years, I am a super lame mom, and
a) don't let my kids touch the big pumpkin that I dished out 5 gigantor dollars for
b) buy them the teeny tiny punkins and hand them a sharpie, cause all that gutting and cutting is just a pain in the you know what.

Stupid food network pumpkin carving challenge. Got us all en fuego.

This minnie o lantern is not a result of canine adoration. It is merely proof that I will ALWAYS try to do the different and unusual, but only if it's fast and easy. Less time wasted if it turns out to be a dismal failure (which is 98% of the time.) If I post it on the blog, I kinda like it.

Also, pumpkin carving is way less of a drag when your son is old enough to do his own. Except the gutting. He couldn't stomach the pumpkin innards. His says Bo and has a lightning bolt under the O. Just in case you were wondering what kind of delinquent defacement I allowed my gangsta son to perform. Nothing says gangsta like "Mama, I. really. can't. stand. the. squishy. *shiver* feeling. of. the. ug. inside. of. oooooh. this. pumpkin."

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet Girl

When I was little and sick,
I stayed in bed.
I got lots of drinks in bed.
I was served soup and toast with a dishcloth as a napkin/place mat in bed.
I read books.
I slept.
If I was feeling better, I would get to lay on the couch in the afternoons and watch TV.
My mom took loving, attentive care of me.

This is what Emma will do today.
And I remember who comforted me, and what made me feel better,
and we will see if we can beat this thing quickly.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Serious Question.

Ignore the creepy pearlescent bluish eyes and tell me truly:

Am I certifiable?

Even if I can justify it, does that still make it ok to knit candy corn scarves for your dog?

Yes, it was quick and I had the yarn, and it was much cheaper than buying the tacky halloween fleece that the kids wanted to get her,
but really.

I'm torn between
Totally cute, I'm gonna get an etsy site and start mass producing


I'm officially the Target Lady. I think I'll perm my hair, start painting sad clowns and cover every surface of my house with crocheted nasties.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Some little fall cards with the MM Autumn Splendor line. Isn't it lovely?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Season for Making Things.

Fall is so my favorite season.
Fresh mornings
Cozy evenings
Warm drinks
Scented candles

It is also my "crafty" season.

Home decorating and arranging

The only problem with all of this is that it coincides with:

Soccer season
PTA season
Dance season
Good TV season
Alot of Stuff to do at Work season
Weight Loss season

I think it is now safe to say that
I like being busy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snorts, Chortles and Farts not included.

Bo, Emma and I have been "howling" over this site, thanks to Elsie.

The one we love and Bill likes:


We have died laughing a few times over at this image:
And we just did again.

I know what you are thinking and yes, This is Sarah.
And yes, pigs just flew. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seriously. It was time for a new look. I decided today that I was going to do this, and do it I did. Never mind that the dishes are still in the sink, the kids are not in bed, my room is a mess and I need a shower.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

We are Officially a Blogging Family.

It started with Me- about every other day at first, now two or three times a month, if I'm lucky.

It was perfected by Bill- who now posts approximately 2387594383794 times a day.

It was embellished by Bo- who blogs just as he speaks.

Our latest addition is Emma. Who is not blogging as I type, but rather is dancing and breathily singing a little song she is making up about a garden in the spring.

And so, our cyber world is complete.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It really is all lists these days, isn't it?

Argentina Bakery. Epanadas. Hello, darlings. I've missed you so.

New mixed CD's from new friends.

Skype-ing with the Florida fam.

So You Think You Can Dance.


A messy scrapbook table taking up the whole of my dining room. Has not been touched in 3 days, but it promises loads of fun.

Football games and Catfish Sams.

Bo's contentment with 5th grade so far.

Emma's description of her determination in dance. "Sometimes, when something is hard, I just look down a little bit with my eyes, and say to myself 'I AM gonna do this. It's hard, but I'm gonna do it.'"

Her other comment tonight after dance: "I'm starvaciously hungry!"

The fact that Minnie killed a bug today by stepping on it. She lunged and barked and jumped, and then smashed her paw down on that bad boy. I think she might prefer to use the magazine method next time.

The luxury of getting in my comfy bed each and every night. It's the best reward for a long day.

Friday, September 04, 2009

A productive morning. Collectively.

This morning before school we: Woke up. Got dressed. Played keep away with Minnie under the bed. Tackled Dad. Made fun of Dad for acting so coochie about Minnie. Ate Breakfast. Discussed Emma's grooming skills. Discussed coordination of outfits with Bo. Discussed Six Flags and whether there is an Aquaman ride. Discussed what the Aquaman ride WOULD be like if it existed. Got tackled by Dad. Called Minnie "Sweet Honey Punkin Sugar Puppy Love." Discussed whether the lego bricks used to build the real house were more expensive than regular bricks. Quickly decided they were. Did not clean our rooms or make our beds. Laughed. Listened to Dad's singing. Dawdled over Fruity Cherrios. Reminded certain people not to dawdle over Fruity Cheerios. Applied makeup. Fed the dog. Threw in a load of laundry. Checked email. Checked facebook. Packed lunch. Brushed teeth. Attached suction toothbrushes to mirror in a decorative fashion. Left pj's on the floor. Turned out the lights. Walked to school. Drove to school. Went to sleep.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last list for now. Maybe. I hope.

Things I forgot about during summer vacation.

1) How tired I am in the afternoons
2) How cold my clinic is. (but that's NOT a complaint!)
3) How hard it often is to contact parents.
4) How bad my clinic can smell
5) How much Spanish I have acquired
6) How short the evenings are when I want to go to bed at 8pm.
7) How Diet Cherry Coke can sustain one after lunch.
8) How often I confuse which key is for the outside door, and which key is for the clinic.
9) Signing Emma's binder every night

Things I'm anticipating as we move into fall

1) Brisk mornings
2) Cozy evenings
3) Dog sweaters
4) People sweaters
5) Bill finishing his book
6) Baking
7) Dance and Orchestra concerts
8) Pumpkins
9) Scented Candles
10) More creative time (I will have to carve this out)
11) Time with friends
12) Writing things besides lists

Friday, August 21, 2009






the House







fresh foods


Present with my kids

the Living Room








This was my summer  list. I have touched each one of these things- 
some I have done more of than others, but as a whole I am utterly satisfied.

I did these things and more.

Thank You Lord, for this summer time

and Thank You, also, for seasons.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

15 Books

The quick list of 15 books that will always stick with me.

1. Bible
2. Les Miserables
3. To Kill a Mockingbird
4. Jane Eyre
5. A Child From the Sea
6. Betsy-Tacy
7. Anne of Green Gables
8. Harry Potter
9. Chronicles of Narnia
10. The Divine Romance
11. Little Women
12. Sense and Sensibility
13. Streams in the Desert
14. The Artist's Way
15. Living a Beautiful Life

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Secret of Time

Time is a gift of love and grace
Without time, there'd be no time to change
Time to be tried, humbled and broken
Time to hear the word of love spoken.

I see the mission up ahead of me
And I tremble as one shaken.
But if I have the eyes of faith- the eyes to see
I will leave the outcome in the hands of the One
Who called me.

And over and over I must learn and re-learn
That whether I decrease or whether I increase
Is not my concern.
Not my concern.

Deliver me from strategy
From endless clever thinking
Set my sights upon the shore
Keep this boat from sinking down.

Let me taste of a fresh wind of reason
And stir the gift within.

For I am not a boat left to drift at sea,
I remain in You and You remain in me.
There is no great distance between You and I
The moment I found out who You were
I found out who I was.

The silence covered me
And the tears began to fall

I could see, I could see what a great and grand
Great and grand
Act of affection
It's all been.

Time that is...

Thursday, August 06, 2009


This morning
In the sunshine
I went to get the recycling bin from the curb.
A middle aged couple was walking by.
Arms swinging, out for exercise
We said hello.
I turned
to bring the bin back to the shade of my house
and behind me I heard
an ongoing conversation
and then
her quiet laugh.

In the showers of bad news,
discouragment, struggles,
disappointments and
genuine sadness this morning has delivered

Her laugh
their easy happiness
is the Still Small Voice.

And I am hearing.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Go Away Dog. I don't like Dogs.

Here's the thing.
This dog
that we didn't want
and never planned on getting
is now called by the following names:

Minnie Moon
Min Min
Miss Moon
Baby Dog
Puppy Doo
Sweet Puppy
Sugar Love
Sweet Baby Puppy
Good Girl
Silly Puppy
Baby Girl
Minnie the Moocher
Silly Rascal

Do we despise ourselves a bit for this? Only until she sits and looks at us as her butt slides backwards on the tile floor. Then we giggle and call her Sweetest Puppy Ever.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just for today

I don't think I've been this pale in July since I had Bo. Not our swimmingest summer yet.

Speaking of having Bo, it has been 10 years. TEN YEARS. It's scary how fast that goes by. And sad too. Excuse me for a second, I have to go give him a kiss and a hug.

Art camp is over, with the usual peaks and valleys that come with Rec center camp. It's not all it's cracked up to be, and then in the end when you come home with armloads of crafts, you can't wait to do it again next summer. Apparently.

I knew there was a reason I didn't let my kids watch the Disney channel. It's because now that I do they want to watch it ALL THE TIME.

Time to get more exercise. Back aches.

We LOVE our Minnie Moon. Who could have guessed? We all think she is the smartest, cutest, funniest, sweetest doggie in the world. And she is. I could talk about her all day, which is really just sickening.

Time to get dressed and ready for a day with Emma! She needs a little Mama time, and has specifically requested that we "go to Forever 21, Target, and can we get me a grown-up Bible?"

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minnie Moon

For years Bill and I stated that we were not "dog people."
That we would be totally happy if we never had a dog, or any sort of pet.
The kids would cycle from resignation, to utter despair ie: school projects that include the words The only kind of pet my parents will ever let me get is a fish.

Then we bought this house 6 months ago.
It came with a doggie door.

Its amazing the changes that one little device can make.

Yesterday, we added to our family.
Oh, there were happy tears.

I started this blog post quite a while ago, but was interrupted by the certain motions of a certain puppy, who then went outside and POOPED and PEED. Then there was much frolicking and rejoicing and playing as a result. I'm back now, with the triumphant but weary pooch curled up in my lap.

I think it's official.

I'm a dog person.

Monday, July 06, 2009


A girl,
A woman
Whom I have never met
In real life
Lies in a hospital
In a city I've never been to
And breathes through a tube
Each precious breath
One I've never felt.
But her heart beats.
And I feel it.
And there's a song inside her
That resonates with me.
And an ache I feel
Is only for her,
Her sons, her husband-friend
Whom I've never met.
My hand does not hold hers
and my tears do not drop on her shoulder.
But they drop.
And my hands ache
from holding on.

Hold on, my dear friend.
Hold on.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Fourth of July.

It's good.

Fourth of July Food.
It's grrrrrreat!!!!

I made this queso recipe, and I wanted to gobble up the whole lot of it. Yum.
I made Lemon Pie from the Amish Cookbook (haven't tasted it yet, will let you know how it turns out!)
We will be having Pico and Guac which is on the dock for preparation tommorrow.

We are having this tonight, as I don't feel like scraping enough corn cobs for 2374637 people. So I made it for 6 people, and tommorrow we will have corn on the cob.

We are headed to our local parade in the morning for some flag waving fun, and then to Jen's house for swimming and feasting and fireworks at the Lake.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Alison, our Yankee Doodle Sweetheart!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Monday, June 29, 2009

She's Afraid of the Dark

she says
(we are working on sleeping with the hall light off)
(although I know perfectly well what)
I'm scared of the dark. whimper.

The dark is nothing to be scared of. What are you scared of IN the dark?

The shadows.
(that answer is good enough to merit another
hug, kiss and stuffed animal.)

Just close your eyes. It's still dark , but there are no shadows.

Love you. Sleep well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why We Need Each Other

Annette West
Annette West
(1) Once upon a time there was a princess named E. She was as perfect a princess as any princess had ever been on earth. She had a wonderful mother that was also a princess, of course she had to obtain her royalty from somewhere (right?). Anyway…
Annette West
Annette West
(2) E’s mother decided to create a quilt, for many long hours her mother worked diligently on the quilt. E’s mother loved the idea that one day the quilt would be ready for what it was meant to do. It would be comforting at times and it would create warmth when the cold presented itself again in its due season.
Annette West
Annette West
(3) After much work, the quilt was finally ready to be presented. E wanted to give it a name, and so she did. She loved the quilt so much. It was more than just material sewn together, it was evidence of her mother’s love and had been given to her to hold onto for the rest of her life, if she so desired.
Annette West
Annette West
(4) The quilt was finished. It was time to rest and enjoy the creation. Every stitch counted and every piece of material was important to the purpose of the quilt. Now it could just be a quilt. It would serve, without trying. It would be warmth, without any effort at all. It would comfort a little princess throughout her life. The quilt didn’t even know its full potential. But make no mistake it was perfect, loved and glorified its creator, just by being a quilt.
Annette West
Annette West
The moral of the story…just as I am and more importantly just as you are…just be! (Oh, yeah - E and her mother are real people that I love very much. You know who you are E & E's mommy)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle.

I have started to become more aware of the waste in my household. I am aware of this for several reasons, the main one being the need to spend less money.

I have made some small changes (maybe not so small) but there are others I'd like to make.

I have a recycling bin which goes to the curb full each week.

I would like to start using these.

I have been buying whole chicken and using if for multiple purposes (roasting for meat and boiling for chicken broth)

I am considering using this.

I have always loved shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, but now I am not looking for extras, but for necessaries. So far, with this purpose in mind, I have found a bread machine, weed eater, edger, and a pile of brand name clothes for Emma.

We had a flood in our son's room due to the ac leak. Thankfully my dad was able to help me fix it, and then, rather than hiring someone to come in and change the carpet, we pulled it out ourselves, dried it, and put it back in.

I bring re-useable bags to the grocery store. They carry so much more and really reduce the number of trips needed to bring your bags into the house. Of course there's that whole environment thing too.

Is there a part of me that is embarrased by all this? Yeah, a little. But the larger part of me is very proud of using resources wisely. These are things my grandparents did as a matter of course. They did not have the option to spend more and work less. It IS harder and takes more time, revealing the truth of "Time is Money." It can be super satisfying when I engage in the activities rather than resenting them. Being off work for the summer really helps. ;)

I would like to have a compost pile and keep chickens. Can you imagine fresh eggs? But there are all these stinking cats in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite cookbooks is one my mom used, and was given to me by friends for our wedding. I use it all the time.

I love to make the french bread out of it, and the master baking mix is good too!

What are some ways you save money/the planet?