Thursday, December 20, 2007

School break.

I love winter break, winter break is my favorite.
We watch alot of Elf (see above), do alot of baking, sitting around, shopping, and all at a leisurely pace.

I adore it.

Did some shopping yesterday, some baking this morning, more baking this afternoon, and then a party tonight. Tommorrow will be grossery shopping (ug and yes I know how it's really spelled, but this way seems more applicable) perhaps a little baking and some wrapping and some serious cleaning.

The picture above is Bo and Emma in St Augustine. We went there for an evening with a friend of mine from work, and for any of you who are planning to go to the "Winter Wonderland" event out there, skip it. What alot of nada. But the fort and St. George street are always lovely.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Monday, December 10, 2007

11 Pictures = 11,000 Words

Catch up time. Alot of it. We'll just go with the pictures, in no necessarily meaningful order. Bo and Emma in my clinic at school.
Halloween! Starring: Snowflake Princess and Ash the Pokemon Trainer
My current replacement for scrapbooking (which I hope will return to me soon...this is the dryest papercrafting season for me since I started!) BAKING. No kidding. On Sunday I made Pot Roast, toffee, santa sandwiches, sweet minglers and french bread! This picture is of a meat pie I made...homemade crust! :) We have cable for the first time in ever, and I'm hooked on the Food Network.
Spent a weekend in St Paul, MN for a much anticipated wedding, and hit up the Mall of America and IKEA with Mom while we were at it. A very fun weekend!
So very, very happy for these two!
The newest Carter girl, and sweetest thing ever. I miss her like crazy, along with the rest of her family. The kids and I spent a weekend in Atlanta to see her for the first time.
Bo looks bummed out in the picture, but he's not. He's just trying to smile without showing his teeth, which is the newest thing in smiling, aparently. I can't tell you how happy this picture makes me. We have one almost every year of these two in this spot since they were three or four.

Starting off the holiday season with Clarice and Rudolph, who have remained solid companions since that time, and welcome additions to Stuffed Animal Playhouse, which appears every weekend at our house.
And not least, but most recently, Emma had her tonsils and adenoids out. The surgery itself was really easy and the first two days great, but the recovery was a bit more rugged than we anticipated. Mom came to stay with Ems and was a HUGE help. Above is before, and below is after. Her lips are so red from all the popcicles! She is now 10 days out, and finally off tylenol for the most part. There's been alot of crying. Poor Emkins.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and are gearing up for the Christmas season.
One more week of school, and I'll have my first Christmas holiday off with the rest of my family!