Monday, January 16, 2012


They are always such a blur. Today feels like it's been nothing but laundry and cleaning. My feet hurt from standing. But there were other things. It wasn't all a drag. 
I went to lunch with a dear friend and got to love on and inhale the sweet scent her baby girl. 
I checked facebook 3450986 times. 
Cried over clips of the Les Mis 25th anniversary special and ordered the DVD. 
Served a fancy tea for Emma and her friend.
 Let Bo have a couple of friends over to work on his movie. 
I exercised. 
I did my morning pages. 
I'm going to show the kids a couple of the appropriate shorts from Paris J'Taime.
Then I'm going to settle in for some lamp-lit creative time at my desk. 
I will. 
And I will go to bed, sleep soundly, and wake up ready for another day. 

Friday, January 06, 2012

Word 2012

Three years ago I chose the word "abundance." 
Two years ago, I chose the word "wait." 
One year ago, the word "wait" was still quite applicable, 
because I apparently had not gotten full use of it the year before.

I am tired of that word.

This year, I have chosen a word with action.
A word that I can use as a command to my brain
or a request to my soul. 
A word to remind me 
to use what I have been given
 to discover what I have been given.


You can read more about OLW here.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Story Telling.

This is a great story in the works, and I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing when it's finished.
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