Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It really is all lists these days, isn't it?

Argentina Bakery. Epanadas. Hello, darlings. I've missed you so.

New mixed CD's from new friends.

Skype-ing with the Florida fam.

So You Think You Can Dance.


A messy scrapbook table taking up the whole of my dining room. Has not been touched in 3 days, but it promises loads of fun.

Football games and Catfish Sams.

Bo's contentment with 5th grade so far.

Emma's description of her determination in dance. "Sometimes, when something is hard, I just look down a little bit with my eyes, and say to myself 'I AM gonna do this. It's hard, but I'm gonna do it.'"

Her other comment tonight after dance: "I'm starvaciously hungry!"

The fact that Minnie killed a bug today by stepping on it. She lunged and barked and jumped, and then smashed her paw down on that bad boy. I think she might prefer to use the magazine method next time.

The luxury of getting in my comfy bed each and every night. It's the best reward for a long day.

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Jada's Gigi said...

I love my lists...and my bed..:)