Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I just realized this morning that the holidays are arriving in a minute, and so I would most likely be bombarding this blog with posts of my kids doing very seasonal things. Isn't that nice? So here's for October:

Yes, Bo's hair is green. Soccer game. Bo drew the sketch for the pumpkin, and I carved it as written, the only addition being the tooth. I have never carved a pumpkin before, and I guess it was fun....harder than I expected...messy, of course, but look how HAPPY they are!!!! This pumpkin's name is Strong Surprised. We named him that because they thought he looked like a relative of Strong Bad, Strong Sad and Strong Mad.

Did the effer dare this week. I find these so inspiring. Every week when I see it, I think "Oh! I gotta do this one!"

I have a nurse story to post in honor of Thanksgiving- I need to finish it and edit it a couple of times, but the working title is "Black Panther Thanksgiving." That might whet your appetite a bit!!!

Finished my book, intro, sign-in page and my entry for the bloggin babes circle journal. I will scan it and post the photos here. I don't know what it is about circle journals. This is my third one (still haven't gotten my first one back) and in each one, I just go a bit crazy with the layouts. Very flea market art. I just use what I've got, and they end up looking very strange, and not at all what I expect. I guess because I know they are just for me, and that makes me feel that it's ok to go a little wacko. Whatever, right?

So for the inner life- a peace. A freedom achieved only by speaking to sisters of something I was ashamed to admit, but couldn't overcome. Simple. They gave me, in Donna's words, "Liberty in my conciousness." Does that mean anything to you? It means great heaps to me. That my freedom in Christ is leaking from my spirit into my concious mind, and becoming part of my everyday thought processes. That I am not "free" in theory, but in reality!!! Jesus Christ has fulfilled the law, and paid the price. I am free from corruption. I am free from sin and death. I am free from the thoughts that plague me daily, as my mind turns more and more to Him. He is liberty in my conciousness! Thank you Lord!

Emma has a new babysitter, as Kim starts the chemo process this week. It was such provision, and Emma likes Rachel- looks forward to going each day. Maybe the newness will wear off, but for now, I am so grateful.

I had to tell the kids about the chemo. I just told them that Kim would be going to the doctor alot, and had to take some medicine that would make her lose her hair. She wouldn't be able to babysit for a while, because she wouldn't feel good. We had to run a few errands, and when we came home, Kim was talking with a couple of sisters on the street, so we pulled over to talk to them. Emma had been processing the news that she would have a new babysitter, and the info about Kim and so wasn't saying much, but when we started to pull away, she reached out of her open window, and said with urgency in her voice "I wuv you, Kim!"

How often do we try to express all that we want to say, and fail? So many times. But she, in childlike simplicity, summarized all those thoughts, and boiled them down to one basic feeling- uttered in a simple passionate phrase. And it was worth gold to us. We all knew what she was really saying, but none of us would be able to express it clearly. How much history would you have to know to understand the LOVE in Emma's voice. I want to remember this. How my heart felt like it was breaking and mending all in one moment of time. How deeply we lay roots into each other's lives. How vital it is that we do so. How hard it can be, but how crucial it is.

And so ends another weekend. And tommorrow, more candy. (not shedding any tears over that. I LOVE candy!) Many familiar houses to trick or treat at. Such fun! So I don't have to dread Monday quite as much as usual. The week goes by so fast anyway, Friday will be here before I know it, and I will wonder how the laundry got all piled up!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


You should read this.

Ain't no mountain high enough!

Stuff and a Scrap Rant (only a wee one!)

Kim has her appointment today with the four doctors. We will soon know when and how this thing will happen. She handles it all beautifully.

Headed to my sister's today for "Art Morning." She has invited all of her painting friends and creative friends to come over and paint (or whatever!) for the morning, since their class ended. Mom and I are going, and will probably hit a delicious lunch on the way home! Hooray! Yeah, I know, I'm lucky to have a day off....I never stopped yesterday in order to be able to go today. I got the laundry done, vaccuumed, cooked dinner, did dishes, and mopped after work, just so I could be free this morning! I also put clean sheets on the bed, and my down duvet with my new IKEA cover. Mmmmm! What good sleep that was! All warm under the feathers- I'm ready to go back! Definitely on the top ten list of "good things:" a bath and clean sheets!

I did this page last night. I finished my requirements for the design team, and decided to do something purely for myself. I tend to compare myself with all the fabulousness that's out there, and think "Oh I SUCK." but I just gotta do my thing, ya know? I love this page. Maybe it will only sit on a shelf for the next 30 years, but I still love it. I love the pp, the colors, all that delicious ribbon, and I am crazy about the picture. Sound like I'm tooting my own horn? Just expressing my happiness with it, so that when it gets passed by (they all do- sigh. But I keep trying!) I will not devalue it in my mind. It is what it is. An expression of affection and gratitude.

Journalling reads: I adore this picture. Look at their faces-the contentment is blatant. The love on Kim's face as she glances at Emma who's gazing ahead. They were playing "I Spy." It seems this love was rehearsed in eternity past- evidence that He is here-knowing what Emma needed, what Kim needed, what I needed. It is a comfort beyond measure to know she is happy with "Kum."

Captured Elements: Earth Spice (Deepa) -HKS rubons and tape

Friday, October 21, 2005

So Bo.

It's been a good week, busy as usual, but OK. I am quite happy now, and blogging without guilt as the sound of the dryer accompanies my typing. I've done some laundry, done the grocery shopping, and emptied the dishwasher, so I don't have to sit here pretending my house isn't falling down around my ankles.

Emma went to case conference with me this morning, and was exceptionally good--she gets a little spoiled in the office, because my boss really seems to like her and feeds her lollypops everytime she comes in. Today she feasted on Cheeze-its and Peach Yogurt. She is such a funny little girl. I can see more and more how she imitates me. Today she was sitting at her desk, moving her crayons and papers around, coloring a little and talking on her pretend pink phone. As she was playing on the compy, I leaned over to give her a squeeze and a smooch, and she said giggling, "Mama, you're a mess!" At present she is on the other side of my compy desk, looking through her books. She is fond of the encyclopedias at present. She hums and talks to herself, and it's very comforting to know she is so content.

Bo is a hoot and a half. He needs a haircut SOOOOO bad. It's getting all long and stragely on his neck- ug. He has the front tooth missing, and his eyes are still pink from the pink eye that started 10 days ago!!!!!!! He's a little unkept in his appearance these days! During Emma's ballet class he does his homework and plays with the other older brothers who also wait for their little sisters. Last week they were lying on the floor facing each other, giggling and snorting furiously! I listened in and this is what I heard:

John: "Look! It's a butt!"
giggles and snorts
farting noises done by all for some time, and more giggles
John: "a butt!!!"
Colby: "Guess what we talked about at school today? We talked about BOOBS!"
outragous giggles and all the boys say "boobs" several times
Bo: "Well, at my school today, we talked about suffixes. You know, -ing and -ed, and how when they come at the end of words, they change the meaning of words."
Colby: "boobs!"
eruption of giggles from boys and parents.

This story is SO BO. I could hear it out of a thousand stories of other boys and know it was him. So like him. I was so proud of him, and so concerned for him at the same time!!! Lord, help him find his way in this world!

On call this weekend- and a CYBER CROP!!!!! Come join the fun and win some prizes!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Weekend, Illustrated.

This goes along with the last post. Remember that thought I had- "How am I gonna scrap this weekend?" Well, here's what I did. The quote is from St. John of the Cross.

I shall lead her into solitude, and there speak to her heart.

The Weekend.

I'm not sure if you can put timeless wonder into words. If you can squeeze out of vocabulary all it's exclaimations and superlatives you might touch the barest essence of what He is like. So bear with me, ya'll. It'll fall short and be inadequate.

The sisters did this last year. We packed up for the weekend and headed out to Cedar Hill State Park for some quiet time with the Lord. It all started with a retreat that Gene Edwards did in Roanoke, Alabama. While he was able, he was hosting week-long retreats where you were given practical tools to deepen your experience of Jesus Christ. It was spent quietly, though we did have meetings and times with another sister.

(For the sake of those who get all wigged out when I say "sisters" and "brothers" - it's not a dogma. It's not religious. It's a practical reality for us. We live close together, we do things together. We are not alike, but are together for only one purpose: to know Jesus Christ. In this, we have found our relationship. He is our relationship. We are brothers and sisters. We can say ladies and men, but choose the more apt words. A truth. Not a title. NO ONE calls me "Sister Sarah." I'd bust a move on them. I always want to explain that, because it's about the weirdest thing we do, besides not having a pastor! :))

So back to the retreat. The Roanoke conference was transforming for so many people, and I think it's the simple idea of slowing down, letting everything go, and turning to Him, whole heartedly. For a WHOLE WEEK.

We want that here. We want to spend as much time aware of Him as we possibly can. We'd like to spend every moment before Him, not reading the bible, not analyzing anything, not even making requests. Just loving Him. In the course of our daily tasks: while washing dishes, doing our work, eating dinner- but to get to that, you sometimes have to stop and re-group, so to speak.

We all know how easy it is to get bogged down in the "daily's."

So we took a weekend in April, and now in October. It's camping (I'm not a camper). We take our own food, and sleep in a tent, trailer or van (whatever you prefer!) and met at mealtimes to share what our experience was. Other than that we were alone, except for three seperate times when we met with 2 others to turn to the Lord.

Oh Shoot. This is getting long. No one reads these outrageously long posts. But I had to give some background! Forgive me please!

So Friday night, we eat, we talk and laugh, and share a little, and head to our prospective solitary sleeping places in the dark forest. (oooh the Drama! I was like 10 feet away from Kim.)

Now I will change the personal pronoun from we to I because I am the boss of my own blog. (thank you April!) No really, because I can only share from my own experience at this point, although it was so corporate. But personal- ug. This is so hard to do!

As I lay in my tent, looking at the dust sparkle in the candlelight, I wondered so many things. Would I sleep? Could I quiet myself down enough? How are the kids? How would I scrapbook this? How would I blog it? How much laundry am I gonna have when I get home? How is that patient? I wonder if I am good at my job? Will I ever lose weight?

Then a sigh and I say "Lord Jesus."
Fall fast asleep.

Mind whirring once again in the morning. Around 8:30 I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't summon up that feeling that comes when you are drowning in the awareness of Him. I had to realize that I was trying to push down thoughts, instead of having them, and letting them go, then turning to Him once again. I don't have to drag Him out of me. I just have to let the other go. So I began to do that. And there He was, warm, loving, patient-

Not like He wasn't there before, and that's why I keep using the word "awareness." That sense of Him.
Oh, Help.
That moment when He is before your thoughts and everything else fades into oblivion and He is all that matters. That "in love" feeling you dreamed about as a teenager. With hearts and fireworks and all. The knowledge that the God of all Heaven and Earth is crazy in love with You. He couldn't wait to get you to look at Him so He could tell you that His longing for you doesn't stop day or night, that everything He ever did was just so He could show you how wonderful His Father is!
There is no scolding for bad behavior. There is no penance. He is glad with the Gladness that birthed creation! He holds nothing back. He unleashes all Himself upon you to whatever extent you can hold the glory! And all I did was call on His Name. It is all the Lord. I add to Him because His nature is increase. He is everything. And in that moment, I know that nothing else will ever matter, and whatever does matter will be found here, inside of Him. That He has taken care of it all.
So here's what I wrote that morning:

In stillness. Active, living stillness
I wait.
Exchanging, growing - hopeful
You will stop
and stay
and abide a while with Me.
Breathing our love for each other-
Growing as One being.
One still, vibrant, eternal life
Outwardly motionless
Inwardly throbbing with
The pulse of Our Father - working
at the speed of light.
You are as
So, that was Saturday morning. And the rest of the weekend proceeded in like fashion. Only more. He kept piling His love all over us, and when we came together to share, it multiplied again. Glorious. And I hear ringing in my spirit His words: "Stay with Me."
So here I'll stay Lord. When I remember You, I will Love you. Just as when I really look at my kids, I kiss and hug them. XO, My Hope- I love you, I love you! Do you hear me? I love you!
Donna wrote it: "You are Liberty in my conciousness!"
I used Mom's camera, so look at her blog if you want pictures, cause she took it back!
Forgive the lack of fine-tuning ya'll. It's not edited, but it's a lot clearer than the journal in my lap!
To behold my Lord in Glory
Invitation Eternally
To come to you as a child
Is all you ask of me
Oh! What a wonderful story
To all those who believe
Lord, You have called us to Glory
To be One with Thee.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Earth Spice

Emily Falconbridge has designed a line of paper. Could I be more excited about this? She is one of my absolute favs- so gifted with color, and now she has designed paper, so that people like me can borrow from her genius! It is beautiful. I got my hands on it yesterday (thank you SOOOOO much Em!) and couldn't wait to get started! I sorted and sifted and sighed, and then did this page:

Work today and then I have my Wednesday with my girlie. Maybe we will go to Atlanta Bread Company, or maybe we will go to this new place I found called Paper Planet, which is just about the coolest store I ever walked into.

Or maybe we'll stay home all day.

I don't have internet space to explore how wonderful the weekend was. The Lord was rich in every moment. Loving, Staying, Present. What a lucky girl I am!!! I will try to get some snaps posted soon.

And now, gentle reader, I am late for work, and must needs depart.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Diamonds and Resting

A week ago, I headed over to my sister's to play for a bit. We had been talking for months about collaborating on a project that began with a canvas and an old measuring tape set in the shape of a diamond. This is what we came up with:
a close up:

and how we felt at the end of five hours:

It was SO MUCH FUN, in spite of my face. True confessions: I love ugly, weird pictures of myself, much to my husband's disgust. I will always have to work to just smile and not despise the result.

Well, I'm headed out today. The sisters here are bound for our semi-annual camping/retreat/silent weekend. It's a beautiful thing to escape from the demands and torments of daily living into a wood and just BE with the Lord. To slip into that quiet place where there is only Peace. Only Him. These came to mind as I am preparing myself to slow down:

"He-the Word-is the way that leads to the Father. The bosom of the Father is where He rests at noon in all His glory. Desire to be lost in God with Jesus, His Son. There is where you will want to rest forever. In His bosom you will be perfectly safe." -Jeanne Guyon

"Lastly, don't be discouraged when you become fainthearted. If possible, return to that rich throne; collect all your thoughts; return to His Face. Seek silence in the midst of tumult, seek solitude in the masses, light in the midst of darkness, find forgetfulness in injury, victory in the midst of despondence, and courage in the midst of alarm, resistance in the midst of temptation, peace in the midst of war." -Michael Molinas

See ya Sunday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Netty D. Bellamy

Atlanta, GA
Autumn 1997

It was early evening. Dim light reflected off the grey walls of the housing project. It was beginning to turn cold. I had no jacket. I wanted to go home- to not be here as the darkness approached. The day had been wearying. I was not up to being pleasant and caring. I glanced at the intake form while negotiating the curved entrance to section B. “Netty Bellamy. 93 years old. High Blood Pressure. Hard of Hearing.” Sigh. I park, head to a door only to find it is the wrong one. Its not 321B, its 231B. I wonder sometimes if I am becoming dyslexic, because that seems to happen more and more. Back in the car, drive around the corner, park. Correct number this time. Maybe she won’t be home. I knock, loudly, because she is hard of hearing, and there is no doorbell. I wait the everlasting minute or two. BANG-BANG-BANG go my callused knuckles. A voice from within…
“It’s your NURSE!”
“Ok, Baby. I’m comin’.”

The door opens.

A short stooped woman in a quilted pink robe, with a green print kerchief wrapping her curlers, and thick coke-bottle glasses asks me to step inside. I pass from concrete to concrete. There is an indoor-outdoor rug in the middle of the room, along with an old flowered couch and a sturdy coffee table covered with assorted dingy looking items. A basket hangs from the corner near the window, piled with plastic bananas, apples, grapes, their enduring ripe beauty layered with a coat of dust. The sheer green drapes filter the dusk, and there is a light on in the ornately wallpapered kitchen. I have seen cluttered houses, and though this one contains its share of essential items such as china pug dogs, and pastel crocheted doilies, it doesn’t feel cramped or dirty.

She moves her hands around, down my arm until she finds my hand which she takes between both of her small gnarled ones. “Are you my nuhs, or my maid?” It is uncanny to hear a voice that squeaky at such incredible volume. She is close to deaf and very nearly blind. She wants to know my name. This seems to satisfy her need to protect herself. Then she asks “Is you white?” She stands hands forward, no malice in the question, just purely interest. Wondering if this will change the entire course of the visit, I say yes, quietly, then at progressively increased levels of volume until she nods and says “I loves all people. White and black.” She locks the door behind her, fumbling a bit. She wants to know what we need to do. At my answers, she comments “Oh, yes, Honey. Thank you, Honey.” We move together, and although we are both pretending that I am leading her, we definitely do it her way. Shuffling sideways as close together as possible, she guides me to the couch. We are seated side by side in its dusty depths, she as upright as her frame can manage, and I as close to the edge of the seat as I can get.

She is still holding my hand. I am loath to draw it away, but I do have to get some medical history. It will be slow going. The things I need to find out from her are not the interesting things she wants to tell me. I want to talk about when she was diagnosed with Diabetes, how long has she been on Lisinopril, how much can she actually see. She wants to talk about her church, her role as a deaconess, her grandchildren, and how good God has been to her. We try to do both at once.

I watch her scan the coffee table with her fingers, searching for her medicines. Somewhere between the church bulletins and a tissue box stuffed with her important documents, she finds them, stored in an old shoebox. She picks each one up and holds it impossibly close to her eyes. No good. “Honey, which is this one?” All her comments are bursting with life. You can hear it squeaking out of her. Words come out of her as if she is overflowing with joy. Even her “What was that, honey? I can’t hear too good.” is enthusiastic and full of intent. If it must be said, than it must be said as ecstatically as possible. She interjects in the middle of sentences, after the end and before I begin. Everyone once in a while, the serious, sedate side comes out- “Yes, I did smoke. But everyone did, we didn’t know there was nothin’ wrong with it! But I did not drink. Never have, never will.”

She is delightful, adorable. She squeaks on about all the people who love her, how blessed she is, and how she misses her husband, when all at once she is sobbing. “OHH-oh-oh!” She is rocking back and forth, crying as if her heart will break. I try to console her. “Ms. Bellamy, I’m so sorry…it’s so hard…” She doesn’t hear me through the wailing. She can’t see me either, so I try to jot down a few medicines and doses while she is drying her eyes. Her head bobs up. “The Lord knows, and it won’t be long before I see him again.”

She smells of sour rags and menthol, but somehow the old-woman smell is not repulsive. It’s the smell of a woman who has lived a pure life. She is grabbing for my hand again. “Baby, I’s been through a lot in my life. They’s been many troubles, but Jesus, He see me through…” and before I can register what is happening, she is singing at the top of her tremendous voice “HALLELUIAH! OOOOOOHHHHH, JEEEEESUS! OOOOOOOOOOH JEEESUS! You been SOOOOOOO GOOOD! HALLELUIAH JESUS…OOOOOH JESUS!” She sings so loud and starts so suddenly that I jump. She explains “Sometime I just get so filled with the Spirit, and it just come out of … OOOOOOH PRAISE YOU JESUS!” Soon my astonishment is swallowed up in giggles. I feel am not alone. The angels on the shelf seem to be laughing, and the black Jesus in the picture on the wall looks like he wants to come out of his frame, take her in his arms, and laugh and sing in delight of her. What a party! She slaps me on the knee as she finishes. “That’s how I got to be a deaconess. I just get so full of the Lord HAAALELUIAH!” She breaks out in another ear-splitting note.

I am caught in a smiling gape. This child-woman is so unpredictable. I have no idea what might come next, but whatever it is, it will be at full force. She holds nothing back, believes in no restraint of feeling. She lives her highs and lows like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco, holding on and shouting about the thrill of it all! I am fascinated. She is 93 years old. She lives alone. She gives off no sense of rejection or disappointment. She loves life. I know it’s true. She’s told me “Life is good.” I’m sure all her neighbors know it. I’m almost positive everyone on the West side knows it, as loud as she is.

It is time to sign the papers and go. Darkness is becoming evident. She wants me to leave before the sun is down, “You know, they’s some bad people out there. But I love ‘em!” So I ask her if she will sign for me. She says: “You put da paper and put da pen, and I’ll write. Now, Put da N, put da N!” So I put the N. “N-E-T-T-Y. Netty. Now, put da D, put da D!” She is saying this like she is cheering for the high school football team. “D. OK, now put da B, put da B! B-E-L-L-A-M-Y, Bellamy. Netty D. Bellamy, that’s me, hee, hee!”

In this moment in eternity, I can hear a squeaky “Halleluiah!” and the roar of the angels rejoicing, and I don’t have to listen too closely. You can hear Netty D. from here.

Note: In all these stories, names have been changed to preserve patient privacy.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Night Layouts.

Here you go, Lu. I really hope you like. I'd like to spend some time expounding on how I got to this with the quote and all, but won't! I will tell you that that is ribbon on the side, cascading from the stars, and looks better when not smashed into a scanning bed. I will tell you that I think you are a spectacular person, and I love how we have connected over the flipping internet!!!!

"There is something greater and purer than what the mouth utters. Silence illuminates our souls, whispers to our heart, and brings them together. Silence seperates us from ourselves, makes us sail the firmament of spirit, and brings us closer to heaven. " -Kahlil Gibran

One more: Here's my take on dare #11. I have always loved this picture of my sweet baby Lukey and I. Sweet Baby Lukey is now 19. I miss him so much. Having nieces and nephews was one of the very best things that ever happened to me. No one could ever adore being an aunt as much as I have. Luke, Mark, Dave, Sarah, Mary, Zach, Drew and Jessica- you are my treasures. You have enriched my life and given me so much joy. Watching you grow has made me appreciate my own kids so much more. It goes by so fast, and now you are all growing up. Remember how much I love you when Christmas comes and you get a pair of socks or something else equally lame.

This is me at 12. The journalling reads; @ 12 I loved being an aunt, my family, side ponytails, Anne of Green Gables, My swatch watch, my sister's clothes, holidays, keds, being in flute choir, dancing, dreaming.

Hope your weekend is going well! Happy Saturday night!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sundry and Assorted Items.

One of the things I adore about my home state is the beautiful sunsets. The other evening, I was struck by the gorgeousness of this one as the backdrop to the evening traffic hour. Seemed a strange juxtaposition, but a reminder of how there is worth in every moment, even when life seems busy and hectic.

I've been meaning to post some of my sister's art for a while, and luckily, she sent me this picture that was commissioned. Isn't she wonderful? I love her so much.

And this is my work of art. Bo and his loose tooth this morning.
He is really hoping it will come out today, because the nurse will give him a little container to put it in, and he really hopes he gets to choose which one because if he does he will pick the green one (that's the one Bojil got when his tooth came out) but if he doesn't get to pick he will just take whichever one he is given, and then he'll sign his name on Mrs. McD's board, and come home and chart it on his "lose tooth chart." Think there's any chance that a missing tooth will slow down the stream of conciousness talking? (notice that Bill and I have lost all of ours, so we are blacked out and crossed off. I LOVE Emmas! He must have been thinking of Aunt Jenny's painting!)

If you want to give him a thrill, you can go to his blog and send his counter up. We disallowed comments, because we didn't know what he might get, but he LOVES to watch that site meter.

I feel much better now! I have had these things in my mind to blog for several days, and just did them all in one big rush!

Nursing story this space.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Here is my swap page from April! Thank you dearie! I love it. That was so much fun, and the quote is just perfect for Miss Em! Love the primas!!!!!

I'm off to prep dinner, and dream up quote swaps and post card swaps and circle journal ideas!!!
More later!

Oh. Big news. Bo has a loose tooth!

eta: sorry about the stinking picture. Mom, click on "Here" above and you'll see it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Diamond Girl

Kim, who is my neighbor, friend and sister in the Lord, and who also keeps Emma three days a week, has had some really bad news. They found four lumps in her breast. She beat cancer about 12-15 years ago, so this will be her second round. She had the biopsy Wednesday, and she should hear back this week. We are all waiting, and praying.

Those who know me, know that I do not make prayer requests. I really believe that prayer should be motivated by nothing but that inner longing or push towards the Lord. I don't even normally "pray" as most consider it. But I am praying for Kim. Day and night. In my heart, a constant pleading to the Healer to take this burden off of my dear sister.

You heard us the other night, Lord. You know how we feel, but we can't help ourselves. In the words of CS Lewis. "I pray because the need flows out of me. It doesn't change God, it changes me."

When we first heard the news that Kim had a lump, Annette came up with an idea. A great idea. We dressed up in crazy boa's and put sparkly stickers all over and lip sync'd to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough!" and sang the song "Diamond Girl" to her--it fits her so well.

The words to the song are:
Diamond Girl, you sure do shine. Glad I found you. Glad you're mine.
Oh my love, you're like a precious stone. Part of earth where Heaven has rained on.
Makes no difference where you are, day or night time, you're like a shining star.

And how could I shine without you, when it's about you that I am?

Diamond Girl, roaming wild. Such a rare thing, radiant child.
I could never find another one like you. Part of me is deep down inside you.
Can't you feel the whole world turning? We are real and we are burning.
Diamond Girl, now that I've found you, it's about you that I am.

Diamond Girl, you sure do shine.

Lots to Tell

First: Bo scored his first goal at his soccer game yesterday! This is so huge! He has been playing for three years, and he not only scored, but they won the game! Hooray! I'm so proud of him for keeping his head in the game! I did the effer dare #10 with it here. So very happy for him.

Second: Deep breath. OK. I GOT A CALL TO BE A MEMBER OF A DESIGN TEAM!!!!!!!!!!
I opened the email and read it through- went screaming into Bill, and then started bawling my eyes out. I couldn't believe it. So I responded after thinking it over for a day. Uh, YES. Hello!
I still can barely believe it. I love my hobby so much, and my goal was always just to "support my habit" so to speak. Now they are gonna send me products and I'll get to design layouts! Hoo-flipping-ray!!!!!! Then I was double excited to find out that Alexis was also on the team. She is so talented! I love her stuff, and feel totally honored to be in cahoots with her.

The web site is so definitely check it out!

There was other fabulous news, that you will get to see peeks of later on!!!!!
SO excited.
What a great week.

Pure greatness.

Birthday Love

To my friend
my personal comedian
my fitness expert
my consoler
my teacher
my sister.
I love you
Happy Birthday!