Friday, July 21, 2006


For my darling sisters in the 'hood, who made sure that I had one less thing to worry about and brought my family dinner every night for the last week, and who offered me such sweet understanding and care:

When I was hungry,
You fed me.

I love you.

A discovery was made that that deep sense of gratitude and love I feel is actually not my own, but His.

He is wonderful.

Will update from Argentina!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Come on, and take a free ride!!!

Some things a boy should do the summer he turns seven years old.
1) Learn to ride a bike.
2) Become a swimmer.
3) Obtain a guitar from your Aunt Missy and make it a goal to play "Life is a Highway"
4) Stay up late and get up early.
5) Sing ALOT. (hence the title of this post)
6) Read books like the Magic Tree House books and Andrew Lost and Nate the Great.
7) Start working on fractions using napkins, ice cream and peaches.
8) Get a blister on your thumb from too much game cube.
9) Worry about sharks.
10) Make up jokes.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


a) Planning for a trip. Planning to scrap a bit whilst on trip. The dilemma is no longer how many pairs of jeans, but how many sets of rubons.

b) wee gifties from Mom, who knows what I like.
c) mail love from Paris that makes me feel like Amelie. Emma was also enchanted by it. She said "It's so cute, I just can't stop looking at it!" That's a book in there. A book and goodies. Love my apea.

d) The August/September Scrapbook Answers should be purchased. It's very grand, and not just because of page 78. (ahem) There's some adorable Hanni in there and Ashley Calder is amazing. I know you're dazzled by my photo shop skills. I'm a bit dazzled myself. I mean, look, LOOK at those stars!!! Woah.

e) days off, down time and good books.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Down then Up or Sarah Begins to Level Out.

There are some challenges going on folks.

From the girls at How Much is Too Much I bring you:

Stickers. And Love to Alison,
No, it is unfortunate that we were NOT together for the taking of these pictures. I'm thinking I would be smiling in that case.

And from Jocelynne, Amber, Anja, Teri, Hanni and I, I bring you:
Fun Girl Challenge #5, which required a handprint, a staple, handwriting, tape and something striped-

A Hard Week.

Work Mess.

A Disappointment and a Loss.

And, well, what with The Flu or Some Such Nonsense, its easy to see how happy I was to have had a lovely Friday night out with this handsome dude:

to see this:
Yes, my first superman movie ever. And despite the indignation of my comic book afficionado husband at certain points, I LOVED it. I mean, yeah, we did make a couple of jokes, but doesn't that just add to the fun? It does for me!
Also did a little retail therapy- obtaining (in the quest for practical sturdy, trip-overseas shoes) a pair of blister inducing adorable chuck wannabes at Payless, and some hand cream (the kind that has french words and a number! O la!) at Bath and Body Works.

There was some KI purchases made today at Recollections, a little Target and Hobby Lobby hopping, and then, would you believe it?

I cooked dinner.

(waiting for a few of you to recover from your swoons)

Pork chops, sourdough bread, corn on the cob and stawberry shortcake! YUM.

(go ahead swoon again. I've got time.)

Tommorrow we may go watch the Rangers play, and I plan on doing just a little bit more of the recovering I've done today. Feels nice to get back to normal. The week ahead will be interesting because of the holiday, and I will have to shift my patients around, which requires alot of me, annoyingly enough. July 4th is My sister Alison's Birthday!!! She's a yankee doodle sweetheart!!

And just to round out the shmalzyness (nod to Michelle who, and I mean this with all love and respect, because I live with two people who are like this, can talk the hind leg off a mule) of this post, I'll throw in a bit of Bo and Emma speak for the heck of it.

Emma looking at a black and silver ribbon on my desk:
"Oh Mama! It's so stywish!"
Emma looking at wedding dresses with Nicole and I:
"Oh Nicole! Don't you sink this one's just darwing?"

We really are working on her speech, and it is improving.

Bo as overheard today by me:
"Emma, I do NOT want to play legos, NOR do I want to play Mother and Father."
He's very into jokes right now. We tell them how funny we think they are,
which is generally not very.
"Mama. What does a squirrel call a note book? A Nutbook, get it?"
Emma says, "BO, you are NOT funny."