Friday, September 04, 2009

A productive morning. Collectively.

This morning before school we: Woke up. Got dressed. Played keep away with Minnie under the bed. Tackled Dad. Made fun of Dad for acting so coochie about Minnie. Ate Breakfast. Discussed Emma's grooming skills. Discussed coordination of outfits with Bo. Discussed Six Flags and whether there is an Aquaman ride. Discussed what the Aquaman ride WOULD be like if it existed. Got tackled by Dad. Called Minnie "Sweet Honey Punkin Sugar Puppy Love." Discussed whether the lego bricks used to build the real house were more expensive than regular bricks. Quickly decided they were. Did not clean our rooms or make our beds. Laughed. Listened to Dad's singing. Dawdled over Fruity Cherrios. Reminded certain people not to dawdle over Fruity Cheerios. Applied makeup. Fed the dog. Threw in a load of laundry. Checked email. Checked facebook. Packed lunch. Brushed teeth. Attached suction toothbrushes to mirror in a decorative fashion. Left pj's on the floor. Turned out the lights. Walked to school. Drove to school. Went to sleep.