Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Sometimes I feel the sinful urge to get into a scrap."

Angie came over Friday night. We met up once before to do a little scrap shopping and gnoshing on fried mushrooms, but there was very little gnoshing going on Friday. We got our scrap on, and I mean it.

You know it's really fun to scrap with someone who's as serious about it as you are. We actually put in a movie, and I don't think either one of us watched more than a second of it. I coudn't even tell you what it was about! But I can tell you that she is so dedicated to her craft that she threads every stinking one of the chipboard buttons she put on this layout, which I completely adore.

I got all of these done in that one evening.

It was so nice, especially considering that work is sucking all the joi de vivre right outta me.
Let's just say it's an adjustment.
Let's just say that's an understatement.

The title, by the way, is a quote from the movie "Friendly Persuasion" which I highly recommend.
And since I'm recommending movies, here's a book recommendation.

Happy Father's Day :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

About Bo

We have reached a bit of a dilemma. While I'm sure some of the relatives of this almost eight year old feel there is no dilemma at all, for Bo and me there is.

He decided (and I agreed) to let his hair grow out for a while. Here in Florida there are some pretty cool guys with longish hair. Bill is quietly appalled, as I'm sure both of our mothers are.

You can't imagine how difficult it is to get a "neat" do for this kid. Each hair on his head aims in a different direction. Sometimes it's shiny and flat, sometimes its curly. As a baby he had the most beautiful halo of golden curls. Yum.

He always liked it "spiky" before. Which, obviously, is the easiest.

But at this point.

Well. Aunt Missy called him "Florence Henderson" yesterday. I'm telling you, Mrs. Brady would be jealous of this flip. In this picture it's not too bad, but at the ballgame, oh ho ho!

So I guess the longish-cool kid hair do is out, and Bo will be bringing spiky back.

New best friends are really great things, especially when they live around the corner. Branson's "sleeping over" tonight. You know, when I was a kid, nobody said "sleep over." We all said "spend the night." If someone had asked me to "sleep over" I'd have given them the "You're SO weird!" eye. I give it to Bo a little when he says it, but only a little, because of that whole heaven and earth revolving around the wonder of my children thing. Anyhoo, (gosh, I'm the queen of rambling thoughts tonight!) I enjoy watching them so much. They get along great. And I mean great. And I'm grateful.