Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Happy ninth birthday, kiddo!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Reunion.

(Let's just skip all the self-depricating, apologetic, slightly defensive remarks regarding how delinquent I've been with blogging. You know the bit. You read it, you write it. Moving on.)

Here are some pictures of my gorgeous family at our gorgeous family reunion in Destin this year. It only happens every three years. What a wonderful, wonderful week.

You want to know the key to a successful family reunion?

It's simple, really.

Be a member of my family.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

July Up to Now.

So far it's been a solid week of viral good times. Poor Bo. He's had the "Unidentified Flying Virus" that gives you a fever for about 5 days. Plus pink eye. Plus strep throat. I think that takes care of all the major ones for the summer at least. Sheesh.

So other than fevers of 104 each morning, we are settling in. Most of the boxes are dispensed with...and the ones that are left are those horrid ones full of mismatched items that don't really go anywhere, but cannot be got rid of. Other than that, it's all good.

Found my sewing machine in the unpacking process. Made three pages yesterday. I mean, woah. Plus, my sister is really motivating. This is how she motivates.

Jenny: "Uhhhh, Darling Sister o' Mine?"

Me: "Ye-e-es. Of course I'll foil your hair."

Jenny: "Ok great thanks, but that's not what I was going to ask."

Me: "Ok. What?"

Jenny: "My artist for the month is not ready. Do you think you have enough things or could come up with some things to put on the wall at the coffee shop?"

Me: "Not seriously. Jen. It's scrapbooking. NO ONE wants to look at those pages."

Jenny: "Yes they do. And I really need something."

Me: "hem and haw and deflect and argue"

Jenny: "Well, just let me know."

At a prolific period in my life I would have squealed for joy, but in the last few months with the move and whatnot, art has not even come up on my radar. Ok, I thought about it few times but in terms such as "futile" or "tiresome" or even "something I used to do." So it was one of those timing things. In a bad way, I thought. Until I found that sewing machine. Crazy isn't it, what kind of things come together to motivate creativity again?

I'm grateful.

Oh. I forgot to tell you another way she inspires. She commisioned one of these for me. Heck, even I'm jealous of me!