Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Secret of Time

Time is a gift of love and grace
Without time, there'd be no time to change
Time to be tried, humbled and broken
Time to hear the word of love spoken.

I see the mission up ahead of me
And I tremble as one shaken.
But if I have the eyes of faith- the eyes to see
I will leave the outcome in the hands of the One
Who called me.

And over and over I must learn and re-learn
That whether I decrease or whether I increase
Is not my concern.
Not my concern.

Deliver me from strategy
From endless clever thinking
Set my sights upon the shore
Keep this boat from sinking down.

Let me taste of a fresh wind of reason
And stir the gift within.

For I am not a boat left to drift at sea,
I remain in You and You remain in me.
There is no great distance between You and I
The moment I found out who You were
I found out who I was.

The silence covered me
And the tears began to fall

I could see, I could see what a great and grand
Great and grand
Act of affection
It's all been.

Time that is...


jayjay said...

Arggghhh - painfully accurate and beautifully put.

Goody said...

Oh,oh,oh! He is time!