Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Am From

Playing along with SheLoves Magazine today.

I am from one bath towel-a-week, from tuna casserole and Betsy-Tacy Books
I am from the small suburban brick home with a 1960's size backyard, room enough for 4 cars, a basketball court or a roller-skating rink
I am from cool-Clinique Aromatics scented air
I am from the redbud trees and the rose bushes
The climbing tree outside my parents window whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own

I'm from "DINNER!" and crying laughing
from Alice and Fay
I'm from leaning back on arms folded behind my head and singing harmony
and from prayer meetings
I'm from "others may, you may not" and "be careful for nothing" and "my friend the little sparrow..."
I'm from "It only takes a spark"
I'm from Texas
And the heavenlies
From fish frys and bran muffins and barley green
From rushing to practice the piano to get out of doing the dishes and Volkswagons and musicals and scared sleepless
and my mother in her chair every morning praying in the dark

Where are you from?