Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Holy Cow.

Jennifer Harrison is making paper.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alrighty kids. It's time for a RAK.

Hello Alls!

It seems to me there's been a powerful amount of contests and design team calls and stuff and suches coming out. For a few it's very elating. A few of those are my dear friends. YAY for Alisonpea, Amber and Caroline! And Congrats to Jill for Poppy Art!!! So happy for you!!!

So let's make this a nice little contest. I'm giving away two RAKS of Magistical Memories chipboard shapes...and perhaps some other little goodies. All I ask is that you post a helpful hint or idea or thought regarding a scrapbook class. I will be doing one in September, and I really want it to be big fun!
Winner by random draw!!!

Made this for How Much is Too Much #11- use 25 office supplies

and this one of my sweet baby Emma in Destin years ago. She had pulled the coffee over on her dress, and had to sit through our pancakes with only a diaper on. She didn't seem to mind too terribly. Don't you love breakfast in open air cafes on the beach? Particularly ones with Locals in them? The best.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Good for Today.

You know what is good??

Tostitos Flour Tortilla Chips with Lime.

Friends who have your back when you are being a bit Lame.
you are the bestest.

A crock pot with food cooking in it.

A 12x12 album for 2.99. Yep. AND it's cute.

Waiting on the Lord, and trusting that His time is perfect.

and did I mention the Tostitos with Lime? Wowza.

Friday, August 18, 2006

To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

I'm disappointed today that I didn't make it on to round three of Last Scrapper Standing. Just bummed. And it stinks that I'm bummed. I loved my layout. So that's good, right? I have a layout I love? Yes. And I am rooting for all my girls that are moving on, with special love to the apea.

It's nice that it's Friday.

Had a lovely dinner over at Mom and Dads. Just scrumptious- feeding the body and the spirit.

The good news is that I have a scrapbook class just about booked, and it will hopefully turn into a monthly gig. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and I hope that it is fun!!

Did a new picture of myself today: Big difference between summer and winter (see profile photo)

Bought some clay for Emma at Hobby Lobby. She made many rainbow snakes and a rainbow salad. I loved watching her hands become more and more covered in the colors.

So that's it. Have a good weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We've been watching MythBusters a bit lately, and had to try this one out for ourselves. Well, really, Bill did.

A Two Liter Diet Coke
Five Mentos
a blast of fun. (one of Bo's favorite phrases)

In other related news, we've been off caffeine for a week now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I crack me up.

So here's a funny story I remembered today when something I said did not communicate well to my patient. (not uncommon)

It is my VERY FIRST day in the hospital as a nursing student. First day EVER with a patient. White scrubs, hair pulled back in the poofy one clip at the top of head, the appropriate amount of makeup, pretending that the stethoscope slung around my neck doesn't feel like a ball and chain.

This VERY FIRST patient of mine had the misfortune of having her hand caught in a machine at the meat grinding plant where she worked. (Did I mention this might give some of you the heebies? I always forget about that. Sorry.)

This might give some of you the heebies.

So, she got her hand severed just at the base of the fingers and they had re-enastemosed the fingers (put them back on. guess I'll never forget that word.) and were actually using leeches to get the old blood out. (not the funny part of the story, but it's always been interesting to me that my VERY FIRST patient received leech therapy. No. I'm not that old.)

So this woman can't do much with her hand, and looking back now, though I wouldn't have seen it then, she was not really too interested in trying to do much at all. (she must have asked 3 times for a bed bath. I mean, who really wants a bed bath? Ug!)

So (and I'm really digressing tonight, arent' I?) I set her breakfast tray on her bedside table, adjust the height and slide it in front of her with a warm smile- opening the shades to let a little sunshine in to the murky morning dimness of the room. I turn to walk out, and she calls out-

"Can you butter my biscuit for me?"

"Oh! Of course!" I reply blithely. "I'm so sorry!"

As I am splitting this Quality Brand Biscuit to prepare it for the butter, it starts to crumble. I make do as best I can, spread some Quality Brand Margarine over the pieces, put the knife down, and say to her:

"I hope you can enjoy the shattered remains of your biscuit."

Who on earth (I know you are asking) says "shattered remains of a biscuit???"
And to a woman who has had a bad encounter with a meat grinder???

Well, my dears, apparently me.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have a story I want to tell about Standing Room Only in the Teatro Colon, but I'm feelin' scrappy tonight, so it will have to wait.

Some more pics:

A shopping area on Defensa.

A tip for travelers to this city. There is so much to fill your vision at eye level and below, but it is very important that you not forget to LOOK UP.

Kids playing soccer in front of this huge monument in what was called "Pirate Park" where they sell all the bootleg copies of movies and cds. Please note that this woman stands on the left side of the monument.

It's a rather long subte ride to Pirate Park, and if you are Todd, you fall asleep standing in an ancient subway car, where I'm sure many revolutionaries formulated dangerous philosophies in days gone by.

Natalia had the day off and joined us

And apparently that's all the photos that Blogger is allowing me to post tonight.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Buenos Aires

I'm fully aware that I'm delinquent.
I've been home a week, and I'm STILL tired, so photos will have to tell my story today.
The trip was wonderful. Full of walking, shopping, eating, spanish speaking, taxi riding, the usual Argentine fare.
Todd and Bill on Paul's new couch, which was delivered right after we arrived. HOW they got that up two flights of stairs and into his apartment is a mystery to me.

The street where our hotel was located.

The market in San Telmo

A little girl with a lolly watching a magician on Defensa.

The sisters in Buenos Aires, with Haydee and I.

Haydee- who was our translator, and fearless guide. She is an amazing woman with so much energy and passion for the brothers and sisters there. She is also A TON of FUN to wander around the city with!!
And now, blogger is no longer allowing me to upload photos. Other wise, there would be some thousand more. Including my favorites.

Watch this space.