Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minnie Moon

For years Bill and I stated that we were not "dog people."
That we would be totally happy if we never had a dog, or any sort of pet.
The kids would cycle from resignation, to utter despair ie: school projects that include the words The only kind of pet my parents will ever let me get is a fish.

Then we bought this house 6 months ago.
It came with a doggie door.

Its amazing the changes that one little device can make.

Yesterday, we added to our family.
Oh, there were happy tears.

I started this blog post quite a while ago, but was interrupted by the certain motions of a certain puppy, who then went outside and POOPED and PEED. Then there was much frolicking and rejoicing and playing as a result. I'm back now, with the triumphant but weary pooch curled up in my lap.

I think it's official.

I'm a dog person.

Monday, July 06, 2009


A girl,
A woman
Whom I have never met
In real life
Lies in a hospital
In a city I've never been to
And breathes through a tube
Each precious breath
One I've never felt.
But her heart beats.
And I feel it.
And there's a song inside her
That resonates with me.
And an ache I feel
Is only for her,
Her sons, her husband-friend
Whom I've never met.
My hand does not hold hers
and my tears do not drop on her shoulder.
But they drop.
And my hands ache
from holding on.

Hold on, my dear friend.
Hold on.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Fourth of July.

It's good.

Fourth of July Food.
It's grrrrrreat!!!!

I made this queso recipe, and I wanted to gobble up the whole lot of it. Yum.
I made Lemon Pie from the Amish Cookbook (haven't tasted it yet, will let you know how it turns out!)
We will be having Pico and Guac which is on the dock for preparation tommorrow.

We are having this tonight, as I don't feel like scraping enough corn cobs for 2374637 people. So I made it for 6 people, and tommorrow we will have corn on the cob.

We are headed to our local parade in the morning for some flag waving fun, and then to Jen's house for swimming and feasting and fireworks at the Lake.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Alison, our Yankee Doodle Sweetheart!

Happy Independence Day everyone!