Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why can't Comcast work with my schedule?

I'm on Bill's lappy.

Why haven't I blogged? Well, besides the general lack of anything unique in my life to report, my internet is down. Down dooby-do down down. Has been for some time. And those cable guys can only come out during work hours. Boo.

I don't get on Bill's lappy to blog because then he sits next to me and makes comments when I do like: "DON'T blog about how you got nothing to blog! Just don't blog if you don't have anything to say!!!" At which point I shoot him a look, and quote him. Which may or may not be entertaining.

I sat down to make a card the other day, and it feels like papercrafting has gone totally stale for me. Who knows? Maybe the holidays will bring it back. Baking, however, is still a whole other story. Last week it was french bread and the first attempt to make copy cat "Krumballs" which is cake rolled up in a ball and dipped in chocolate like a truffle. Yes, they are so good. Yes, they such a pain to make.

Knitting also, is a fun sport. But the event in which I excel this season is sleeping. I'm super good at going to bed early and struggling to drag myself out in the mornings.

And now the newsworthy part: Emma is two chapters away from finishing her first Magic Treehouse book, which are her first chapter books. I am so excited about this! So is she, which is really, really cool.

So glad that fall and the holidays have arrived! It's my favorite time of year.