Monday, February 26, 2007

They say it's a blur.

I remember being totally calm and happy inside.

I remember it was sunny and fresh.

I remember how glad I was to get those curlers out finally.

I remember being mad at Bill, and then forgiving him when I pulled out the pearls and realized the booklet he made was not to be handed out at the wedding.

I remember being completely overwhelmed and amazed at the way the men in my future family had completely draped the room in flowers, roses, gerber daisies, tulips, ivy, lights, the smell was intoxicating and it was more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I remember wanting all eblings in the dressing room with me.

I remember taking pictures and not worrying about my smile being right.

I remember bossing people around.

I remember the feel of my dad's cheek when he kissed me and left me.

I remember Bill.

I remember Mike's accent, but little of what he said.

I remember the sound of Jenny and Dave singing.

I remember feeling right at home.

I remember telling Lori "That felt like about 5 minutes" and her saying "It totally was."

I remember meeting Mike and Judi.

I remember the dj putting in some wretched evangelical music and Bill and I recognizing it at the same time and putting a stop to that immediately.

I remember Motown.

I remember "My Maria"

I remember dancing.

I remember my brother saying "This is heaven. I have died and gone to heaven."

I remember thinking he was right.

I remember slamming my bar on the fist and asking for my first drink of the night. "Make me something fruity."

I remember this was happening right about the time the new men in my family were encouraging my husband to get us out the door.

I remember Missy rushing in to kiss me one more time, and crying.

I remember the money and the card that our best man left on the front seat of our car.

I remember the window sealing shut- converting the sounds of everyone to the sound of us.

I remember much more than this.

I remember everything.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dance, Dance, Baby.

Emma has to sit in the circle tommorrow. That's what she has to do when she gets in trouble at school. When I asked her what for, she soberly replied "For shakin' my booty at naptime."

One of the fun things about motherhood is the little surprises that pop up everywhere. This, for example, in the bathroom. It makes sense you know. I mean, it's Lightning McQueen! Of COURSE the ducks are gonna ask for a ride. Sheesh!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

First one: for fun, and laughs.
second one: for HMITM.

Did the Amberjack, but my scan was crappy, so I'm gonna try that again before I post it here.

My sister surprised me with the COOLEST thing ever. It's a disc of Bazmark production music/mixes called "Something for Everyone"
it has "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" on it from Strictly Ballroom. I have been looking for this song for-ev-ah. I'm so happy, happy, happy!

Bo seriously looks like 'Mater these days. He's got one full grown front tooth in, and the other baby tooth in. I don't think it phases him when I call him that and tell him to "wiggle that tooth for crying out loud!!!" cause he just starts either singing "Route 66" or says "Ooooo-eeeh! You should heard me on the giddy up a-oom-bop-a-maow maow!!! Folks come from miles around to hear me get low on the maow-maow."
Sunday's are delightful when there is nothing going on. We putzed around all morning...went out to lunch, Target, Blockbuster....did some laundry, went for coffee with Mom, did more laundry, internetting and scrapping. Tonight I'm going to chill in preparation for the coming week, and watch Little Miss Sunshine. I hope I like it!

And now Bill has arrived with the Sonic Sweetheart Blast. Happy Week!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I did want to post some things.

Like Skulls has changed it's format a bit. Check it out.

The boss has been out of town all week, so I've been filling in. I'm a should I say....tired.

But it's good. It's silly how important I feel now that I have business cards.

The Darling Amber Skolnick has been scrapjacked! This is such a fun challenge!!

Take a peek at the Cupcake Scrapshop kit for next month! I'm very excited that I get to play with it!!

Did a little scrapping this week... plan to do a lot over the weekend! I got my fingers on the awesome stamps I linked you up with last week. Dag, they're cool!

How strange is it that I did each one of these hearts back to back? Same mood, same day, same table and chair... They are not similar at all. Its baffling to me.

Now I'm off to sing to children and then to watch Marie Antoinette. Hooray!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

...and we're back.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

One is silver and the other gold.


Strictly Ballroom

these stamps.
I should buy some, right? So should you!

still love my vintage FULL set of lower and upper case alphas circa early 1900's from Jenny.

The Artist's Way

Patches of Godlight

Friday, February 02, 2007

A retailing we will go.

Would you look at that? It's been like FOREVER since I posted. Maybe that's because I've been working. Go figure.

Working does kinda pay off. I bought these today, totally on a whim. Let's just say they do NOT make my feet look small. It is true however, that the large green portion that sticks out from the hem of my jeans makes me very happy. And I'm getting a new vacuum. I need input. I want this one, but I'm not sure if the many dollars more it requires is really worth it. Is there a cheaper one that's just as good? I'm gonna look it up, but if you have any opinions, please let me know.
Mom got me this book for my birthday. I'm really enjoying it. I've never read anything by Joanne Harris, but she wrote Chocolat, and since I love the movie, I was fairly certain I would enjoy this book. One thing that bothers me about modern fiction. The lack of quotation marks. Is that because I'm supposed to be in someone's head? Are they thinking or are they talking? It gives me a rather unsteady feeling when reading. I like the style, but sometimes when I read for recreation, I just wanted to be guided through the story. Straight, easy, grammatically correct. Making an exception for fragments of course. Love those. And artistic punctuation. That's ok too.

So there's obviously been some retail therapy happening. I haven't even mentioned the scrap supplies. Tonight I bought Foofala buttons, AND Heidi Swapp journalling spots. (Missy is rolling her eyes about now. Hey! I got shoes! And a shirt at Old Navy! I'm not a complete loss!)

The kids are up late tonight watching Cars. That is a great movie. I wish I could hook you up with Bo's impression of the dialogue between Luigi and Lightning McQueen. Hilarious!!!

Bo's word du jour: moment

i.e. "For a moment, I thought you were telling me that I had to make my bed and brush my teeth at the same time, and I was thinking, that would be pretty tricky!"
As we like to say around here: "Open mouth, empty brain."

Emma's word du jour: apparently

"Appawentwy, Bo thinks that he is the boss of me." "I appawentwy have two movies that I wike."

Em started Ballet and Jazz classes last saturday. It makes me squeal with the cuteness. The black leotard, and black jazz pants and shoes with the bun, yikes it's cute. I'll try to get some snaps tommorrow!

Hope everyone has a loverly weekend!