Monday, October 05, 2009

Serious Question.

Ignore the creepy pearlescent bluish eyes and tell me truly:

Am I certifiable?

Even if I can justify it, does that still make it ok to knit candy corn scarves for your dog?

Yes, it was quick and I had the yarn, and it was much cheaper than buying the tacky halloween fleece that the kids wanted to get her,
but really.

I'm torn between
Totally cute, I'm gonna get an etsy site and start mass producing


I'm officially the Target Lady. I think I'll perm my hair, start painting sad clowns and cover every surface of my house with crocheted nasties.


Kim Langston said...

I would say you are certifiable... certifiably insane for not making a candy corn sweater for the precious dog sooner. Too cute!

jayjay said...

Um, I like it - alot!