Sunday, December 10, 2006



Second weekend on call.

So, ahem, that's what the offer was.

Full time position.

Haven't done that since B.C. (before children)

I imagine some crankyness will ensue.

I will have to work hard on that.

More work for me. Yay.

Marshmallows are the best thing about diet Hot Chocolate.

and Love Actually is my new favorite Christmas movie. I also love it because if I'm watching it I know the kids are in bed. Totally for grown ups.

oh and another thing: Magistical Memories is selling their first ever Christmas Kit, and it's faboo! I'm working on a little som'n-som'n right now.

oh and another-another thing: 3 Scrappy Boys hosts challenges every week, and the winner gets a gc to the site! So far, the competition is scarce, so if you start in now, your odds are great!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Day in the Life: first half

Let me start by saying that I have reached my maximum (apparently) on the number of photos I'm allowed in each post. So, the morning starts with a crabby little girl, a cheerful little boy, breakfast, lunches," get dressed, brush hair and teeth, socks and shoes, make bed, backpack and lunch." Don't be fooled. I have to say all those things every morning.

7:55- still crabby

7:56: things are starting to look up. I sorta like it when I get to take Bo by myself, cause he always gives me two hugs and two kisses with a stern reminder to pass one of each on to Emma.

8:05: Don't want to miss a thing!

8:17- Emma cheers up enough to "get cute"

8:40: Looks like it's time for me to do the same

9:00: Em's at school, headed to work in the ice.

11:00 Icier.

1:00 Home safe, only to turn around and go get the kids out of school, cause there's an excused absence due to the weather, and I decide to be the "cool" mom.

1:10: Really sad to see me coming.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Day in the Life: second half

Continued from above
Once again, words will have to fill in the blanks. From 2-4 there is popcorn, hot chocolate and Star Wars. And SNOW!!!

3:45 An offer I don't refuse

4-5 Emma and I bake the first batch o' Christmas cookies

4-5 while the boys play game cube

5:30 Leftover pizza and the Immigrant Song ala Jack Black "RONK-gonga-GEEcha! RONK-gonga-GEEcha!" (kids have not seen or heard this, but they love singing it.)

6:00 over to goody and
grandad's in snow and ice

7:00 mom reads to kids
after I demonstrate the
marvels on online christmas shopping.

toenails painted during "School of Rock" and off to bed.