Thursday, October 29, 2009


Most years, I am a super lame mom, and
a) don't let my kids touch the big pumpkin that I dished out 5 gigantor dollars for
b) buy them the teeny tiny punkins and hand them a sharpie, cause all that gutting and cutting is just a pain in the you know what.

Stupid food network pumpkin carving challenge. Got us all en fuego.

This minnie o lantern is not a result of canine adoration. It is merely proof that I will ALWAYS try to do the different and unusual, but only if it's fast and easy. Less time wasted if it turns out to be a dismal failure (which is 98% of the time.) If I post it on the blog, I kinda like it.

Also, pumpkin carving is way less of a drag when your son is old enough to do his own. Except the gutting. He couldn't stomach the pumpkin innards. His says Bo and has a lightning bolt under the O. Just in case you were wondering what kind of delinquent defacement I allowed my gangsta son to perform. Nothing says gangsta like "Mama, I. really. can't. stand. the. squishy. *shiver* feeling. of. the. ug. inside. of. oooooh. this. pumpkin."

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet Girl

When I was little and sick,
I stayed in bed.
I got lots of drinks in bed.
I was served soup and toast with a dishcloth as a napkin/place mat in bed.
I read books.
I slept.
If I was feeling better, I would get to lay on the couch in the afternoons and watch TV.
My mom took loving, attentive care of me.

This is what Emma will do today.
And I remember who comforted me, and what made me feel better,
and we will see if we can beat this thing quickly.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Serious Question.

Ignore the creepy pearlescent bluish eyes and tell me truly:

Am I certifiable?

Even if I can justify it, does that still make it ok to knit candy corn scarves for your dog?

Yes, it was quick and I had the yarn, and it was much cheaper than buying the tacky halloween fleece that the kids wanted to get her,
but really.

I'm torn between
Totally cute, I'm gonna get an etsy site and start mass producing


I'm officially the Target Lady. I think I'll perm my hair, start painting sad clowns and cover every surface of my house with crocheted nasties.