Monday, November 30, 2009


In Front of Me: Emma sits just beyond the view of my lappy eating leftovers for a late dinner after dance. She is humming "Hot Chocolate" from The Polar Express.

To the Left of Me: My calendar, assorted papers that need, well, sorting , sounds of the TV and Bill making comments to Bo regarding X-Men which he just switched past.

Behind Me: the kitchen. I don't dare turn around.

To the Right of Me: A very doggy chair and a table covered with scraps from yesterdays adventures in book making. Much more appealing than that which is behind.

Not doing the best job of keeping up with things these days. Feeling a bit discombobulated. (speaking of which, is "combobulated" a good thing to feel?
As in, "I wish my life was more combobluated."
"I'm very good at combobulating my once assorted papers."

things to ponder....)

Things I feel I'm not keeping up with:
that which is before,
and on either side of me.

Other than that, I'm doing ok.

Happy December.


jayjay said...

Don't sweat it, it all sounds good to me. Things beyond doing, things being done, things to be done, and the most wonderful people to do them with.

Bo Heroman said...

Is "combobulated" even in the dictionary???Cause' it's got a red squiggle under it right now!

Anonymous said...

MAMA!!! Why didn't you tell me your always so stressed out?????