Monday, July 06, 2009


A girl,
A woman
Whom I have never met
In real life
Lies in a hospital
In a city I've never been to
And breathes through a tube
Each precious breath
One I've never felt.
But her heart beats.
And I feel it.
And there's a song inside her
That resonates with me.
And an ache I feel
Is only for her,
Her sons, her husband-friend
Whom I've never met.
My hand does not hold hers
and my tears do not drop on her shoulder.
But they drop.
And my hands ache
from holding on.

Hold on, my dear friend.
Hold on.


Jamie Ko said...

linda...i can't even speak.
you must fight.
and you will make it.
when you do, we'll be waiting for you.

Alison said...

We love you.

Amy said...

sarah, i'm sorry. i'm not sure what's going on but i feel for you and if there's anything i can do please let me know. <3

Anonymous said...

still praying and hoping for linda!!! xoxo

Pound said...

awww sarah. i'm here now. 8 months later. i'm alive. thanks for your prayers, and your mom too. god gave me back to my family.