Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Good Poem I

On the Strength of All Conviction
and the Stamina of Love
Jennifer Michael Hecht
Sometimes I think
we could have gone on.
All of us. Trying. Forever.
But they didn't fill
the desert with pyramids.
They just built some. Some
They're not still out there,
building them now. Everyone,
everywhere, gets up, and goes home.
Yet we must not
Diabolize time. Right?
We must not curse the passage of time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Off Season.

Since Valentines Day is Saturday, let's post some pictures of Christmas and New Years, shall we?

The following pictures are us playing Quelf on New Years. If you have not played this game, do so. Immediately. If you are pathologically shy and introverted, run the other way.

Here's Mark watching Bo do...something. I don't remember what Bo had to do, but I do remember that Mark had to speak like a Charasmatic preacher every time he read a card aloud. And thus sayeth I, it was HILARIOUS. Can I get an AMEN???

I think Zach's card said that he was Santa Claus and everyone had to sit on his lap and tell him what they most wanted, or they had to go back one space. And then Josh had to sit on his lap until his next turn.

Jenny had to make a fort and stay in it until someone rolled a four. I think it was her favorite part of the game- or at least she liked it better than I liked wearing toilet paper on my head like a mummy until a certain card was drawn.

Zach and Emma being very adorable. Not part of the game, but hey, when you're adorable, you're adorable.

And this is the part where Drew had to put a towel on his head.....HEY WAIT.
Wha???? Ohhhhhh. Never mind .....

Moving back a week, we now find Christmas and the Pagent presented by our lovely offspring.
Drew, Josh and Zach were the three wise men.

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus, respectively. (They had IKEA in Bethlehem, right?)

This is Drew's 16th Birthday Party In Which a Game of Spoons Was Played.

Here's to the happy end of yet another sick week.
Stay healthy, yo. I mean it.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Premium Brand

Some things going on right now.

The Flu.

Journalling (not by me, but the two offspring. Bo's reads like Twitter, a blow by blow account of the details of his day. Emma's contains drawings of herself wearing jewelry and hairbows.)

Facebook. Sigh.

Drew's 16th birthday. Holy cow.

Pokemon and Hannah Montana Valentines.

Me wishing I would finish something creative.

Dad playing tennis.

Pretty much being bored with this post and thinking I'll delete this second attempt which, as it turns out is super lame, because I wanted to post a poem I read, but don't want to be hoity toity and high falutin' so I'll put this wretched bit in as a palate cleanser, so to speak.

It's a saltine, kids. How good can it be?

If you're looking for me, I'll be playing solitare.