Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minnie Moon

For years Bill and I stated that we were not "dog people."
That we would be totally happy if we never had a dog, or any sort of pet.
The kids would cycle from resignation, to utter despair ie: school projects that include the words The only kind of pet my parents will ever let me get is a fish.

Then we bought this house 6 months ago.
It came with a doggie door.

Its amazing the changes that one little device can make.

Yesterday, we added to our family.
Oh, there were happy tears.

I started this blog post quite a while ago, but was interrupted by the certain motions of a certain puppy, who then went outside and POOPED and PEED. Then there was much frolicking and rejoicing and playing as a result. I'm back now, with the triumphant but weary pooch curled up in my lap.

I think it's official.

I'm a dog person.


Amy said...

aww yay :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Bostons are awesome!

Goody said...

I tried to leave a happy birthday on bo's blog but the icon wouldn't come up for me! Happy Bday Bo bo!