Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today I:

Did something I've never done that was important.


Cracked a 2nd grader up.

Win, win.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Christmas card pictures needed to be taken.
I knew I wanted black and white, so I told them
Put on your puffer coats.
I did not notice that Em was wearing shorts.

Dogs tend to get off task during the picture taking process,
and they often take the children with them.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The End of November

Emma had her 9th birthday party and her first "not at home" birthday party. This was a big deal. We had the party at Alley Cats, and they got to bowl, eat pizza and cake and each kid got a game card. It was fun for the girls, I think, and totally easy for me, and not that much more money.

We were going for the "Taylor Swift-ish" look, and I don't even want to tell you how long I spent on this particular hairdo that ended up looking like an old perm. Ugh.
She liked it though.
Em has some really cute friends.

And we have some really cute dogs. Yes. I am aware that they are wearing matching bright shiny purple puffer coats. They were 2.50 at the dollar spot at Target. Maxie loves hers and practically leaps into it. Minnie HATES hers, and will barely move once you put it on her. She just looks totally disgusted. (see above photo where Maxie evidently is being a bit too enthusiastic in expressing her love for her coat and Minnie is feeling precisely the opposite.)
Duh-nah duh-nah duh-nah duh-na BAT DOG!

I had some idea to do a book this year to keep track of all the fun holiday things we do, but perhaps I will just blog a bit more. We shall see.

It was a lovely thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's. Dinner was perfect (except for my rolls, which were underdone. Note to self: take rolls out of fridge a significant amount of time before you bake them.) I had a gorgeous nap on the floor behind the couch and then Bo and I took Bill to see HP7. Loved it yet again. Bo got to ice skate because we got to the mall early and had an hour to kill and they had a 5.00 skate Thanksgiving special. Came home, crammed more turkey and dressing down my gullet and went to bed.

I worked home health for most of the day today, but then we went over to the Tuckers for spaghetti and Elf + White Christmas. On the way to Jen's I did manage to score some black friday bargains at Tarzhey. The 8 dollar crock pot and this lovely throw which I have been coveting and which was half price! Huzzah!

Tomorrow we commence to decorate for Christmas. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Goose is Getting Fat

Yes, yes. I know it's early.
But the only real time I have to decorate is Thanksgiving weekend.
So there. nyah.
So I'm thinking that I love these candle holders,
and to be honest,
they were the only thing I loved in the new Crate and Barrel catalog.
The Mrs. Shop is another story.
Happy Mid-November!

PS. My daughter is nine. How is this possible?