Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Six Year Old

Bo and friends at his 6th birthday party Friday at Peter Piper Pizza (a step below Chuck E. Cheese on the food [ug!] and noise[ah!] chain.) He had a great time with his friends, and it was a nice little bash to end the summer. We are officialy up to our ears in legos.
He registers for first grade on Wednesday. It all goes so fast.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Things I like:
Getting alot done.

Really funny people.


Watching my children read.

Doing a good job.

Having a list of books to look forward to reading.

Emma's giggling fits.

French music.

Writing Lists.

The way everything my mother touches smells wonderful.

Things I do not like:
Feeling sick and lethargic.

Getting nothing done.


Emma's screaming fits.

People who take things too seriously.

Stepping on legos.


Tank tops on men.

Not having a good book to look forward too.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


A few precious "breather" days between high activity! Doesn't the time go fast? It's been really busy, and mostly "good" busy, but as I like to say: (insert squeaky know-it-all voice here) Positive stress is as hard on your body as negative stress. I guess we will never escape it! Not in this life, anyhow! I hit a lull in the scrapbooking fever, so that's partly why I'm blogging right now. The other part is: I am avoiding the bedtime clean-up routine. It is gonna be a doozie tonight! I got a new email address at about 2 this afternoon, and I am acting like I've never had email before! I have to check it all the time!
Bo turns 6 on Friday. So hard to believe. At the same time, I have to really think to recall what it was like when he wasn't talking! That seems like a long time ago. Emma decided to "get cute" and cut her own hair. Her new haircut is cute now, but there was quite a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth when I discovered the chunks of hair missing from her head, her scalped My Little Ponys and the hair that was spread corner to corner in her bedroom. It was not a good day.
Maybe I'll do nothing tonight. No creativity, just lie like broccoli infront of a good movie...Moulin Rouge perhaps or something of that ilk.

And speaking of "Breather Days" ...

"I am breathing out my sorrow
Breathing out my guilt and shame.
I am breathing, breathing, breathing-
All His fullness in."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


He is the life inside. He is the animation in these puppet bodies. Divine life. We fairly crackle with it when we are in the presence of another container. Thanks Lord, that deep calls to deep like no magnet we've ever known, and because we are attracted to You, You are all we see in each other. All you who know the Lord, you SHINE with Him!

Monday, July 11, 2005


Sometimes the doldrums are helpful. When the spark of life comes, be it momentary or long-lasting, I remember that God is not like me. He "changes not with it's brief hours and weeks, and bears it out, e'en to the edge of doom." He only ever is rewarding when we turn once again to Him, and there isn't any punishment or resentment. He doesn't just reveal a little of Himself to make sure we don't take advantage of Him again. He is there in all His splendor, hiding nothing, flooding us with all of Himself. And if we get lost in the humanity after a nights sleep, well, there's nothing for it but to turn again, or if that is even too difficult, there is always REMEMBERING.

Thanks, Lord, for being...sigh...You.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Emma at the Rangers Game

This is our sweet emma at the game last week. We had a great time!