Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm off it.
Working hard on trying to get back on.
Sleep helps.
Not letting the laundry become the proverbial straw, which means,
doing it.

Doing the dishes.
Straightening here and there.
Looking up from the computer.
Reading in bed.

I hate to be a routine kinda girl. But there it is.
What can you do.

Buenos Aires in less than a month now.
When I remembered that today, I remembered You, Lord.
And lingered awhile.
Faith is Substance.

Reading : History of Love (good)
Subconcious Song: Hold Me Jesus (Rich Mullins)
Soundtrack: Cars
Movie: Cars
Gamecube: Cars
Spending most of my time in: Cars

I'd like to thank Stacey Kingman, once again, for the format of this post.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Porch Light

Have you ever thought about yourself getting old? Chances are if you are under 30, the thought has either never come up, or has been quickly dismissed as an impossiblity. We sometimes have glimpses of our own mortality, but never of fading vitality. We do not want to consider what life will be like when we are too old to drive. When we are on 15 medications and 3 of them need refills, and medicare won't pay for them until the first of the month, and we have to choose to buy groceries and hope our blood pressure doesn't go too high before the first.

Sound far-fetched? Or like something only "poor" people struggle with? WRONG. You'd be shocked at how many of your neighbors, people on your street, deal with this issue daily. It's true. It's what I see in my job. People who worked hard all their lives, and now can't afford pain medication. It could be you in 40 years.

And if it were you, would you want to try to call up a person in the government to get assistance? Do you think that would be an easy process? Or how about just calling your doctor? He's always available, and has all the time in the world, right? Or how about your kids? Are you going to want to ask your children for money? No? Well, what then?

So, am I making a dent? Do you see what I'm aiming at?

It's the need for people who will collaborate with medicare and with you to provide services, and to make up for the lack. It starts locally. And, thank God, it has started here. A local doctor (who I am privileged to know and to work with) has started an organization with just such a purpose.
And you know what?
It is helping.
So can you.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Did I mention

a new scrap challenge and a new stamp company?
Well let's just bring it all out into the open here.
I'll tell you what. I'll be open, if you will.
So comment if you visit, please? That way if I see you on the street, I dont tell you the same ol' story twice and show myself to be once again redundant repeatedly.

So for How Much is Too Much Challenge:

Girls on that blog with serious skills. Check it out.

And for Maggie Mae stamps:

My sister and my neices are here (see above) and we are having a great time. IKEA, swimming, Six Flags tommorrow, oh it's a thrill a minute!!!

Lots of fun in the pool. Mom got her hair all the way wet. I don't think I remember that EVER happening. EVER.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Scrap Geek er....Chic.

It's official. I've joined the ranks of Geekdom.
I went to a "convention."
I met "online friends."
I wore a badge and had a "code name."

It totally rocked.

Besides the convention being cool, I met so many great people. I was rather nevous about going, but ended up having so much fun!!!

Peace out, Kara. It's all good, baby.

Me and Jana of the Will Farrell cowbell fame. Love her!!

Birthday Girl Tamara and not our waiter, but he sure wanted to be!!

Cindy and Lisa looking adorable.

Chastity and Monica!

These girls made the East End of the Table the happening place to be. Very glad to be seated where I was. Very sorry the photo is blurry.

Oh and SHOCK and surprise, blogger is not letting me post any more pictures, dang it!

There were good eats at Papacitos and then some went off to Scrapbook Warehouse in Colleyville, but the ever brave Veronica (ZingQueen) Kara (karaintexas) and Jana (scrappinjana) came to my house for a little Office Space!! There was much chortling and discussing of all things scrapbooking. Now that, my friends, is the definition of a good time. Chortling and scrapbooking in the same sentence. oh yes.

I had the priviledge of assisting Melissa teach her iconographie class on Thursday, which was so fun, and very much a learning experience (ahem). During this class discovered a new stamp company. Drool! And I am currently (well semi-currently) using the new Deluxe Designs chipboard shapes for a layout I'm working on for the new challenge Michelle has posted!!! They are supah cool and so inexpensive!!! Good combo, that.

So, all in all? Good. yup.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Baby Love

Welcome, Baby Clinton.

We love you so so so much. Posted by Picasa