Friday, March 31, 2006

Four and Fabulous.

Emma and I went shopping today. Technically, I think it was a shopping spree. She was quite despeerit for play clothes. We came home and laid all the clothes out on her bed, and I mentioned having a fashion show. She was game before I even finished the words. She required only one thing. "Musint." So I turned on the Kid Mix from trusty old music match, and as you can see, it took her only a minute to warm up. There was a bit of a lull when Bryan Adams came on singing a song from "Spirit" after we had just finished "I'm a Believer" by Smashmouth, and "Dancing Queen" (the Mamma Mia version.) She said "Dat's Spiwit! I can't do dis to Spiwit!" So we put a little Jungle Book on the spin, and things went groovily after that.

As you can see, my craving for the "cool" clothes of my 4-6 grade years have been quenched today. Luckily, Em doesn't know she's retro-fab. She is quite happy with butterflies and pink.

This skirt has turquoise in it. I promise. I wish you could see how CUTE it is!!!!

Emma "wuvs dat bu-erfwy" She got some butterfly sandals that make her actually fly. She is certain, and feels no need to prove it. I guess those shorts make her do Mr. Roboto.

I know it's alot of tank-topage, but it's so hot here, and her arms are so yummy!!! Yes, she is walking like an Egyptian, to complete the total 80's package.
I thought this would be my fav. The top is cuter on the hanger, and the pants were huge. So it's going back. Too bad.
This one we both love. Very Rhonna F.

And the swim suit. She insisted on wearing her "fwip fwops" and "pwetend I'm on da beach." I could pretend only so far. It was hard to suspend belief, as care-bear panties on the ground are not a normal sight for the average beachgoer. Bill painted that floor. I love it. There is a chandelier in her room, and it is very frou-frou candy store sweet-when it isn't a complete and utter mess as pictured.

So with the dresses that Susie (Bill's mom) so generously sends us, Emma is kitted out for the spring and summer. Thank you for coming to Emma's "Stywin' Sow." We hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. Blogger is letting me upload pictures tonight. We had a long talk, and worked it out. Thanks so much for your advice Bec. You were sooooo right. My happiness DOES matter, and blogger needed to understand that. Thanks for your wisdom.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Another List.

Happy Birthday to my dollie-girl Sarah! She is 15 years old today. I simply cannot believe it. Though I would dearly love to wax eloquent about what a delight she is, and how I can't believe how time flies, and how she's growing so fast, I'll spare you all the rapturous flights of adoration. She's one cool, gorgeous, HEALTHY chick.

Things that make me happy today:

That I exercised.


Chatting it up on two peas last night. Hi Michelle! Hi Jana!

Playing at the park with the eblings yesterday. Yes, playing. A very cool game with the exercise equipment, and the pool of boiling hot lava they were all planted in. (Playground safety just isn't the same as when I was a kid. We used to play in a nice pit of gravel.) I haven't "played" in forever. It was really fun... for about 10 minutes. Then I tried to hang upside down on the monkey bars. And that's where my story ends.

Bill saying "As you wish." to Bo, and Emma saying "Which weawy meant, I wuv you."

Me going to bed early tonight. BWAAAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAH!!!! You know I really should.

Things that are making me unhappy.

Blogger won't let me post pictures tonight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Even if it doesn't always feel true......

...I know it is.
Borrowed from my own blog for this. Thanks Kirsty, for inviting me to participate!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Yes folks, our Nicole is engaged to our Aaron (son of Kim) !!!!! It's very happy and exciting!! We went out to Pantego Park to take the pictures- and now Blogger is being the pain, and only let me upload this one. Let me try again. K- there's one more.....

It's a nice rainy weekend. I'm going to scrap for a while. I joined a gym this morning. I have good reasons for not wanting to be overweight any more, and not being in denial about it. I AM overweight. My huffing and puffing on the eliptical machine just verified the fact. I have a beach to go to this summer. I am sick of el flabo. I am entirely too sedentary.

Having said that, I will roll my chair around and proceed to sit very still at my desk and scrap until it's time to get up and fix dinner.

Happy Rainy Weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Steph's a winner! Send me your addy, girl, and I'll send you the kit!!!

Thanks to everyone for playing! The words were so much fun! I hope we have all expanded our vocabularies from this little experience!!! I know I will be saying things like "It was serendipitous that the haberdashery is near, because buying a plethora of whimsical hats is always cathartic." all the time now.

And for that, bloggers dear, I thank thee.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Words We Love

LOVED the Dare by Em Falconbridge this week. LOVED it. I ended up printing this photo on matte paper and painting it with watercolors.

I said I would and I will. This blog has 10,000 hits since November. So it's time for a nice little "thanks for visiting" RAK.

I'm all about words. And pictures. Words and pictures. But today we'll go for words. Post your favorite word in the comments section (not the word you use all the time such as "like" or "cool" or "of" but a word that bears repeating due to the rolling-off-the-tongue quality. A word that you almost have to say twice because it sounds so great.




Bangladesh (I dare you to say it just once.)


a la mode



So do that, and I'll pick a random winner to recieve (drum roll please) the March Mini Kit from Good the the Last Crop, which is currently sold out, and some other little goodies!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm not neglecting my blogly duties. Well, technically, I am, but not out of plain ol' sheer neglect. I've been busy. Really. My patient today asked me about 5 times what I've been busy doing. Ummmmm, well,.....there's scrapping (done about 1 page this week and that was last weekend, except for the card I made today, and the songbook cover I made Tuesday night... OK WHATEVER. You know you do that too.)

Of course having two children just ups the busy ante, even if you sit on the couch and eat bon-bon's all day (which I don't, but am not opposed to it on principle.) You can tell people "I sit on the couch and eat bon-bon's all day. But I have two children." And they will sigh and shake their heads with understanding. The sigh and the shake gets more and more pronounced with each added child. Usually by the time I tell people that my sister has 5, they are having a Grand Mal seizure and hyperventilating. Luckily I'm a nurse and know how to handle these things. I tell them she works too. They proceed to faint dead away, and revive shortly, acting just as normal as the next person. (If it's me that's the next person, it's not really saying much for the normality factor.)

So as I was saying - about the busy thing- I seriously couldn't think of anything I could explain that keeps me busy. I work, I meet with the church here, I meet the needs of small people living in my house, I compute, I scrap, lather, rinse, repeat.

I've tried to think of pithy, profound or even funny things to blog about.


We were sick.

Happy visit with Missy inspite of sickness.

Emma threw up in Michaels. Oh boy was THAT fun.

She's losing her voice now, which is not good, but kinda cute.

Bo had open house tonight.

Spring break next week.

I cleaned house yesterday.

(Long pause as the cheers and applause goes on for about 5 curtain calls.)

(still smiling and waving)

"Thank you, thank you. No really, thank YOU."

So really, and I'll be honest here- this is the filler post. Cause I'm almost to 10,000 hits. I've got a RAK ready and waiting for that time.

Scrappers take your mark.

Friday, March 03, 2006

"And the pup was grateful."

Here, have a couple of layouts.

This one, grrr, got too bright in my scanner, but there's no way to photo it tonight, so here you are.

featuring Leave Memories stamps, which, BTW, rock the proverbial(at least on 2ps) socks.

My sister whom I adore is here in town, and that makes me so happy. She is so dang funny. And we are going to IKEA tommorrow. Bo wasn't sure he wanted to go, but found out that Missy was going, hugged her tight around the neck and said- "Wherever she's going, I'm going."

And the making of my day goes to my girl Alison of the Speaking of the Same Language. I heart her so very much. She made me cry today with happy gratitude. I don't know how we ever connected in this great blogoscraposphere, but I am grateful. Did I mention gratefulness? Cause that's what I'm feeling.

Gratitude and a stomach and a headache. So I will take Rice Sock and go to bed. I almost couldn't find Rice Sock the other night, and truly started to panic. I thought to myself- " I am not dependent on that stupid thing for comfort- I'm not!" Then got up from the compy THREE times to look for it. The third time I was frantic, until I found it under the coffee table. My pulse rate slowed and I could breathe again. Two minutes in the microwave later, Sarah and Rice Sock were happy together again.

Now YOU tell me where the title of this post came from. It is a quote. A quote, as a matter of fact, from one of my all-time favorite movies. I'd like to know who knows it. And if someone else guesses, well, you just post and say "I knew it!" Alright? Alright.

So goodnight, then kiddos.