Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My latest page....

I'm loving these effer dares! Even though the last one was SOOO hard, I felt like I HAD to do it, and it was ok! The latest one was "scrap your superpower." Well, for myself, I feel like that was covered in dare #5, (you ladies know what I'm talkin' about, uh huh!) so I scrapped my family.

We are supers. We watch Incredibles, and we wish we were them. Bill was a serious comic book fan, and is raising one in Bo. I, though I preferred Archie in my younger days, have really enjoyed some of the newer shows/movies and can totally get into that hero/regular joe story. Bo has had an Alter Ego named Power Bam since he was 2 years old. Power Bam has a blue suit, a red cape, and red zip up shoes. He has more powers than you could dream of. He is one cool super hero. Emma is Ballerina Princess Spy, shortened to Princess Spy for spacial reasons, and she has many types of know....x-ray, night, heat, etc... Bo came up with Night Wolf for Bill, because (I think) he stays up so late. And he thought the name was "totally sweet." No one came up with one for me, so I adopted the one that my nephies gave me years ago. "Hello Nurse." ( Thanks dudes. I knew I could count on you. And I'll never reveal your secret identities, Zachinator and Disgustinator.)
We really got into Smallville for awhile, and decided to give each other super powers. Mine was: "You got hit with some meteor rocks, and you gained the ability to ask for help, and accept it." Bill's was: "You got hit with some meteor rocks, and you gained the ability to take no for an answer." (Don't hate, Bill. It was funny.) Cole, type yours in the comments- I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with "cute!"

So I guess you could say (Yes, Kip, you could say things are getting pretty serious) I really dug this dare! Thanks laydees!

I typed a big long thing here about superheros/hurricaines, and deleted it, because I don't want to get controversial....but I haven't forgotten.
Lord, the Gulf Coast.

PS (I am grateful for your indulgence regarding the overuse of the parentheses in this post.)


Anonymous said...

You know I'm in training to be a cage fighter, Napoleon. So yeah, I guess you could say it's pretty serious...


Virginia said...

Great post!

I know what you mean... I keep teetering on the edge of writing *my thoughts* about the whole Katrina thing- but then I'm like, what's it gonna do? (Other than allow myself to vent.)

I don't know if you read Cherry Moon's blog, but she did a couple of entries recently on Katrina that were very eloquent and basically said a lot of what I was thinking...

Watch out for meteors. ;)

jayjay said...

Unbelievably clever. . .(sigh). . . I don't know how I came to have a friend like you. The super family. So right on.
I wonder how Phil and Angele Warmanon are? She had family in NO didn't she? Does anyone know?
Did I see Bill serving food on our news item showing folks in Baton Rouge helping out? Or does BR have a pile of Bill lookalikes there? (More like).
Love you heaps

Sarah said...

Yea. Out of respect, I thought I'd leave "Super Old" out of the family portrait.

He'll always be with me, though, won't he?

Bill Heroman said...

Hey, Jenny, when you came to Baton Rouge, didn't you realize how much we all looked alike? It wasn't me on the news, so it must have been one of the other tall, compassionate and extremely handsome guys who live there.