Monday, September 19, 2005

What's in a Name?

We (the royal "we" of course- as in "I and my bosom must debate a while." Henry V "we") are still reflecting on the whole What-To-Call-It issue. I even got Bill and Bo involved.

Bill went to a translating engine to see if there was some cool French name for scrapbooking. There wasn't. Unless you want to call yourself a journalist, you do scrapbooking. Both roll off the tongue, eventually, but still require some explaination. In Spanish you could make a libre de recuerdos or you could do scrapbooking. In Italian you could make an album, or you could, once again do scrapbooking.

So thank you, husband dear, but your efforts were futile. We're too new at this to even have a translate-able word!

So I asked Bo. I mean, after all, he came up with "Power Bam" as a super hero, and thought that his soccer team should be called either the "Naked Chickens" or the "Higobamers." He should definitely come up with something great. He said instantly that I should be called "Super Scrapbooker" or "Super Scrapbook Woman." Then he thought for a minute, and said "Well, no one would really like that. It sounds like you're saying "Scrap-booger."

Exactly my point.

Puh-leeze can't we come up with something that doesn't have "crap" or "booger" in the title?!
I know alot of us are moms, and can handle that sort of talk, and I don't think anyone can claim that they are without either one of those two items, but do we want to fly it in our banner?

Not so much.

This shouldn't be hard. After all, a painter paints, a knitter knits, a gardener gardens, and a plumber, uh... plumbs. Yeah. anyway, a scrapbooker scrapbooks. Yeah, we could just say "artist" I know, I know, but I just can't claim "artist." It's too high!
But it is better than something that sounds like "crapbooger."
Once again, all my Creative Sparklets out there, can't we think of a happy medium?
Can't you think of a happy medium? My well is dry.
Do try.
For posterity's sake.


James Ranells said...

Cool site...Isn't God good to His own?

Gina said...

Completely enamored of your blog and totally jealous of your pages. Will most certainly be visiting your blog and gallery lots.

Bill Heroman said...

I got another one... When people say, "What do you do?" I notice most answer, "I am a..." This bugs me, because that's not what was asked. So I like to say, "I teach." But I can't turn your career into a verb yet. "So what does your wife do?"

"She nurses." (I tried that a couple of times and got some strange looks...)

I guess some words just don't fit like we wish!

scrapbooger. haha

Colleen said...

i'm stumped. been thinkin. still thinkin. scrap arts. hell, i dunno. this one is tough.

jayjay said...

I think you are 'P-nuts' - byline: photos, pictures, paintings, poems. You about cover every P word there is. Or Peanuts, or Peeple, or Peeeeanything.
Love Jen

Goody said...

Scrappy is a cute name I think. How about scraphappy. Thats it!!!

Virginia said...

My father in law stumbles over it and is like, "Yeah, there's this girl at my work, she eh... does memory stuff."

Me, "Scrapbooking?"

Him, "Yeah, yeah that's it."


Maybe one day someone will come up with a better term.

I do hate "memory preserver." Sounds so dorky. So we can cross that off of the list. ;)