Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy Talk.

Just thinking about a few things that made me happy this week:

A letter I got from Bo's teacher mentioning a kindness he showed a fellow student. We wrote her because Bo got "signed" (they get their binders signed when they get in trouble) and he forgot his binder, so we didn't really know the story. It happened in another class, but she took the time to tell us how much she appreciated what he did. Very happy about that.

Emma's new favorite word: "Heh-woah!" (um, hello!?) as in- "Mama! I said I wanted a juice box. Heh-woah!" Girl got some 'tude.

I'm loving taking Pretend Friend Princess everywhere we go. Pretend Friend Princess has been joined by Mary and Pary, wearing pink and white, respectively, who also accompany Emma in her daily adventures. "Mama! Mary and Pary! Dat wymes!"

I am NOT loving the heat. 102. What is up with that. Sheesh.

I liked the paperbag book I just finished. I stalled and stalled on that one, and then busted it out in a night and a morning.

I loved ER tonight.

I loved going to lunch with Mom at Miho's yesterday, and seeing her repressed laughter when she asked Emma if she left Mary and Pary in the car. Emma panicked for a moment, crying- "Oh no! I'n sared for Mary and Pary!!" Then calmly went back to eating her corn dog nuggets. (could they make that sound any less appealing? Corn. Dog. Nuggets. Ick. )

I loved spending so much time with the sisters here, planning that great meeting for our boys...
Gosh, that was great. I loved how excited we were to find a new way to bring them to the Lord, and how much we enjoyed the torrent of Life that our Lord is. I loved singing to them in that blue-lit room, surrounded by evidence that He is a River of Living Water!

I loved walking to the meeting last night, singing all the way, and not caring what anyone thought of us. Does that stuff make you guys feel like a teenager again? Roaming the streets, laughing and talking? Freedom. It's so beautiful.

I loved reading what Neil wrote on his blog.

I loved it when Bill and I shared that certain smile reserved for parents who are crazy about their kids when we heard Emma's lilting "Good Mornin' Bo!" in the semi-darkness of this morning.

I loved it when I went to bed and slept like a log.

Wait. I haven't done that. Well, that's something to look forward to!

G'night Everybody!


Gina said...

you helped me think of all my happy moments too...thanks Sarah : )

Jada's Gigi said...

A "blue lit river room" ! Awesome! Wish I could have been there...wait I'll check my spirit, perhaps I was! smile
I also love walking the streets singing and talkling and it does feel young and free! :)

Gina said...

Those paperbag books have GOTTA be my next creative outlet...yours are gorgeous. TFS.

Colleen said...

cute book! your kids sound adorable!

Goody said...

Funny, I love all of those things too! I was the last sister to join the singers and my heart leapt as I saw them walking up the street, singing and enjoying the Lord in each other. Yes, Cheryl,you were there and you too Missy. One in Him! And many others who know and live in him! Lord, you are adorable!

island jen said...

That paper bag book just rocks!! And the Hello with attitude...that is just too flippin cute right there!!

Anonymous said...

LOVIN' your paper bag book! So yummy and collage-y. Just fabulous. Thanks for sharing : )

Anonymous said...

i have just found your blog and i LOVE LOVE your work! this bag is way too cool - the wings are my favourite (i am obsessed with wings!), your family night sounded like so much fun too, how cool! i will be checking back to see what else you have to inspire us with!