Saturday, September 17, 2005

What would you say?

Thank you for that wonderful intro, Dave Matthews.

Seriously. I don't have much to say tonight, I just thought it was time to bump down the weighty one below.

I have done number 8, and gosh, I really do like these dares and the fabulous producers of them. I love how they have caught on so well on 2P's and how people are really investing thought and effort into their pages.

I have kept a journal since I got one for my 14th birthday. ( It was one of the ugliest journals you can imagine. It had a cow on a field of blue and white checks on the cover. Not so much.) But I have journalled faithfully ever since. Now that I am scrapping...or WHATEVER we can call it that doesn't sound stupid OR high faluting, I love the fact that I can add art, color and dimention to WORDS. The words matter more to me than anything. My pictures are often terrible, but if the words are right....
I would love to post some fluff, but I don't have the energy, so I'll just leave it with this picture, and perhaps post tommorrow.

I was really excited about this page in the process, and loved those papers together in the LSS, but looking at it now...hmmmm. What do you think? Seriously. I'll take criticism. I'm ready to bump it up a notch.

Oh, and hey. Let's come up with a name for crying out loud!

Not scrapping.

NOT cropping (might as well call it "crapping" ug.)

Not paper arts.

I like "art journal", but do I like "art journalling?"

What about "Paper, scissors, rock."


I'm at a complete loss. I'll stick with scrapping until I hear something better. Ideas?


Jada's Gigi said...

Love it Sarah! I do hope the church benefits from your talents. Are you the "archive girl"? Our history needs to be chronicled and you have the talent to make it lovely to behold so I hope you are 'scrapping" for Her too. :)

Anonymous said...

"paper, scissors, rock..." i like that one personally, {LOL!) ... 1. you use paper for sure 2. most likely scissiors and 3. wouldn't you like to throw a rock at the person who dubbed it "scrapping?"

Jen said...

Oh yeah, we need a better name. I HATE telling people that I scrap. They're like what is that???

Dig the layout too!

Anonymous said...

Have to say, I love the LO. Always love Jesus on paper. HMMMM, a new name for scrapping. I have to think about that one. Sorry I never responded to your email. Thanks though for telling me more about you. I like to relate.

Amber said...

u r awesome. i love your work. i love that you are at a loss of words for what we do! LOL I just call it scrappin. it rolls of my tongue and makes sense to me. of course my family all look at me weird when i say it..but oh well. :o)

Colleen said...

paper arts? i've heard that used before. i agree with you...scrapbooking just doesn't feel right...sounds a little juvenile.

i didn't see this page on 2Ps. Love this!!!! i'm gonna find it and leave you some pea praise.