Sunday, December 11, 2005


I think we're finally over the pukes for the moment. Bill's still coughing, but I think three years of inhaling bleach would make it difficult for one's lungs to overcome. I'm so glad he's teaching now instead of pressure washing.

So on Saturday we did nothing. Zero. Just sat around and moaned. But today? Well, TODAY we got HEAPS of shopping done, got a christmas tree, and saw..dum, da-da DUM. Chronicles of Narnia. Every bit as good and better than I hoped for. We absolutely LOVED it. Loved it. So well done, and the story was so well portrayed. Even the changes only enhanced the story, and the acting was nice and subtle, which I always appreciate, especially after years of watching the BBC version and seeing that buck-toothed Lucy saying "Oh Asthlan!!!" with the extreme fake rapture on her chubster face.

One thing I love about Bill. He was raised by a Florist. The man can pick a Christmas tree. I sit in the car and eat Burger King, and he goes and shakes em down, and always picks a fabulous one, ties it too the trunk, and smiles all the while. It is heaven, I tell you, heaven. Thank you Buzzy and Susie ever so for that.

So the shopping, cause that's what really matters. We hit Target like maniacs....and got almost all our Christmas shopping done, except for Bo and Emma. But they bought for each other, so that's one less thing!!!!

And I got a new phone! Hooray! Mine old flip has been dangling like a loose tooth for about a month now, and we renewed our contract and got a CAMERA PHONE. Wow. Never thought I would live to see the day. So exciting!!!!

On a sad note. My local scrap store is closing. How could she do this to me? After I faithfully spend 6 dollars every week!!! Isn't that enough to keep her in business????Aaargh!!!! She always has everything I want, and she's less than a mile away! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! On a happy note, she had everything marked 30 % off! Wanna see what I bought? too bad. Bloggers not working AGAIN.

Cole comes tommorrow, and that's pretty dang exciting!!! We will be trimming the tree, and I'll be posting pictures, cause what happens in life, happens on my blog.

Happy Last Week of School Before Christmas Break!!!!!


Gina said...

You're awesome. Congrats on the phone and being almost over the pukes ; ) Way to go Bill on the tree. Can't wait to see Chronicles. So chuffed they made this movie.

e said...

thank goodness you're all feeling better! Whew! post your tree! I want to see ;) We're going to chronicles this weekend...can't wait. xe

Colleen said...

what is with blogger??? it isn't cooperating with anyone. definately on my list.

glad you are feeling better and that the pukes are no more in your house. hope everyone has a speedy recovery!!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Hope your're feelingbetter by now...good for you on getting so much done over the weekend even in your sadstate of health. :)

Virginia said...

YAY! Glad you guys are feeling better! :)

Oooh I can't wait to see Chronicles! I'm glad to hear that it was done well- I'm always so worried when a movie is made from a book that they'll mess it up too much.

I've got almost all my shopping done too- isn't it a relief?

Sorry about your LSS- that stinks. Stock up now on that clearance stuff!

Lu said...

blogger is about to lose a lot of people to typepad if they do not get it together!

glad to hear the family is better and it sucks about the lss. i hope you find another soon.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your tree pictures. I'll look at them and try to imagine the fresh tree smell, because I have no tree this year. My dumb cats would knock it over.

Unknown said...

Blogger has been messed up for a while now :( I hate when I want to post and can't. Glad you were able to get some shopping done :)