Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Alright Kids, let's review.

Had a seriously hopping weekend. Why? Well, let me think...

Friday morning was Bo's christmas party at school. Here they are singing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and that beloved Christmas favorite Yankee Doodle Dandy. Bo is on the far left.

Here he is making his gingerbread house
Emma got in on the action too! She was so happy. You can tell she is really happy because she becomes absolutely silent, serious and focused.
See? She can't wait to go to school!
Friday afternoon, I ran errands like a crazy fool, trying to get things done. I did get my nails done, which was a special treat!!!

Friday night we went to Drew's band concert which was quite good. He plays the xylophone, so we could actually hear him!!! We ate at La Casa afterward, and had heaps of fun talking and joking.

Saturday morning, we took Cole to Sulfur Springs about 1.5 hours away, had lunch with her, her mom and two sisters and headed back home.

Peer and Natalie came in from Bournemouth, England that afternoon, and brought their ADORABLE son Leo, of whom this is one of many snaps taken. He is so cute! We ate dinner together over at Donna and Aaron's, and then scurried home to get ready for my office party. It was a fun time- and we won a portable DVD player, and got my bonus! Hooray!!! There was some grooving going on...a little YMCA, a little electric slide, you know the stuff. Bill and I got all dressed up and I have not one photo!!!

My brother Tim came in late Saturday night, and from all reports we missed one of the greatest meetings that the church here has ever experienced. It was wonderful just HEARING about it. The brothers planned everything down to the last detail, and everyone said it was so rich, and full of the Lord.

Sunday morning back at Donna and Aaron's for breakfast, and then a walk to show Peer and Natalie the neighborhood. What an odd and crazy crowd we are! I wonder what the neighbors think!! Here's Peer goin' all Fonzie on Don's recumbant bike.
Annette with Emma on her shoulders. I love this picture.
Sunday night we had a family dinner over at Mom's because they are leaving for Florida on Christmas day, and she wanted to make a meal for the fam. I love my mother's table. Look at those fabulous cranberry glasses, and a butter dish at every setting, the children's filled with M&M's. We had Tuna Casserole, Salad, Crusty bread and more types of cookies than you could imagine. Oh, and French Lemon Tart. Ummm-mmm!!

Jen, Al, Jessie in the kitchen (where the women usually congregate)
Tim, Mark and Bill in the den, falling asleep in front of the TV (where the men usually congregate)
Last night we went to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park and it was quite fun, although rather cold, so we didn't stay very long, and drove through Starbucks on the way home. I had a Gingerbread Latte, and let me say -it was so good, I think I had a hangover this morning.

Came home from a wretched day to a package from the owner of the website I'm on the design team for. Lookie here. Wouldn't this cheer anyone up? I was so happy, and perked up, I was able to enjoy six flags! Hooray! Thanks Shawnie! You are the best!

Oooh, and I got the large January Kit too. It is sa-weet!!!!

One more thing I am so totally excited about!!!!!! I have been waiting for this!!!


Jocelyn said...

LOVE ALL THE CUTE PICTURES!! Adorable. And what a cool package you got! I totally want a T-Shirt now. You'll make me one, right? xoxo

Anonymous said...

If my life was that busy I'd faint. Great pictures!

Kim said...

It really was a busy weekend and I only did some of that stuff! I'm tired!

Hooray for the portable DVD player and bonus!

Oh!! I can't wait to get my copy of that book!! Yay!

Jen said...

I love pictures. I loev that you posted them. I love that you had a GREAT weekend. and I love you!!

Goody said...

What a darling bunch of pictures! Yes, the weekend was busy to say the least and seems to continue on the same course. Breathe in some deep breaths and inhale our Lord Jesus Christ! Then exhale him all over your patients! Love you dearie!
The papers look wonderful

Jada's Gigi said...

Leo is adorable, first pic I've seen since birth and your mom's table is georgous!!

jayjay said...

Whoopeedooo, your Christmas is SO VERY DIFFERENT. It does look RIGHT for there to be snow! But my body would not believe it was Christmas. ANd over here, we call it MERRY CHRISTMAS still. hee hee. Don't know what Happy Holidays means. ANyway, I'm about to download the sisters Christmas get together. . .enjoy. It's been one party after another too, but soon it'll all be over.

Miss Robyn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & I love that idea of a butter dish at each setting - I think I might just steal that one for my Christmas table..which means now I have to find 20 !!