Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rak-a-lakin' and Tag-erific

I got raked. Woah, did I get raked. I got Gab-raked. If you have not been so honored, then you are missing out. Check it:

So immediately started playing:

And I got tagged by Colleen --

Four Jobs I've had:
Home Health Aide
Fragrance Model (sounds glamorous? NOT AT ALL. Got very boring. Even working for Ralph Lauren. You know, I was one of those chicks in the mall who try to give you a sample of perfume and you, if you are like most people, act as if they are trying to spray poison on you. Nice.)

Four movies I'd watch over and over again:
Moulin Rouge
Strictly Ballroom
Henry V (the Kenneth Brannaugh version)

Four Places I've Lived
Lithia Springs,GA

Four TV shows I love to watch (but seldom do!)
Surprised by Design
Today Show
Everybody Loves Raymond

Four Websites I visit daily:
Two Peas
Good to the Last Crop
Bloggerville (oh, come on, that's way more than two!)

Four places I've been on Vacation:
Vancouver, BC
San Juan Islands, WA

Four foods I love:
Sonic Breakfast Burritos
Diet Coke
Southwestern Cobb Salad at Chilis

Four places I'd rather be:
over at Donna's with Annette :)

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging:
Bill (HA. Double Dog dare you!!!)

ETA: Yeah, I totally lifted that card off of kellicrowe. I said it on 2ps and forgot to say it here, lest anyone think I be not honest or fair. Kellicrowe, not that you'll read this, but there should be a caption under that card that reads "You're the meaning of my life, you're the inspiration!" With some smarmy musak in the background.


Mara said...

Gab is so good, huh?
I love that chester paper and I need to find some!!
Good listage!!

Anonymous said...

did you write this before or after annette invited you to my house tonight?

Sarah said...

After, silly! ;)

Jocelyn said...

I have almost all that stuff!! Not that I shop too much or anything... Your LO rocks. I saw part of the KB Henry V and it is so cool. xoxo

gabbyfek said...

you like it.....
i LOVE that you started playing right away... and love that kellicroweesque card...
and, yes, when those perfume people try to spray it on me-- i too act like i'm being poisoned..
sorry, my dear.
and you said sonic.
i knew i liked you... ;)

Colleen said...

i love that little present card. and where did you get those little sparklies i keep seeing on everything?????

a perfume model! love it!!
kenneth brannaugh...YUM
love suprise by design!!!!

ah yes...the sonic breakfast burrito

i think i'll go have a cupcake

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, the gab rak is the bestest!
wow girl!!!!

jessica said...

hee-hee, musak:) Such a cute card. And wow did you ever receive a RAK. Nice!

Virginia said...

What a fun rak! Lucky girl!

Alright, I'm off to go do my tagging... :)

e said...

gabby who?
kidding yeah, she's ok....
so what you're saying is...they are NOT trying to spray poison on me?!?! ooooooooooooooh.... :)xe

sarah said...

dang! that is quite a rak!
you lucky girl, you!

Lu said...

that is not rak-ed!!! that is down right spoiled!!!!

... said...

wow, Gabby has a very nice RAK :)

Anonymous said...

wow sarah! i'm loving the results of your 'playing'!! i love the color combos you've put together in your layout. so cute.