Thursday, January 05, 2006


If you start a blog with

"I don't really have that much to say"


"Nothing interesting to write about"

Then proceed to fill a post with all sorts of newsy bits and fascinating anecdotes , do me a favor.

Go back and delete the first sentence.

Or, if not, admit that you are a liar.

Exhaust the moment.


Mara said...

Hahaha. Yes. Agreed. :)

Virginia said...

LOL yes yes.

I think I may have been guilty of this. Hee hee.

Annette said...

Boy, oh boy...tough statements (ouch). I've changed my blog to assist in helping you down from the "Peeved" moment.:)
You just keep blogging and I'll keep reading your blogs...I love them(even "Peeve"). You are really one of the most enjoyable people alive.
I love you,

Angela said...

lol, your funny!!! And I agree=) Makes you almost want to skip the post, right?!?! LOL!!!

Raina_Marie said...

hahaha, you know what.......YEAH that is sooo true.

steph said...

You crack me up!! I love the honesty in your posts'!
-thanks for your awesome comment on my latest post... you gave me the ultimate compliment!

Alison said...

The angst, Sarah, the angst!

Scott said...

Haha, i am a little guilty of that. I will keep that in mind.


em said...


StaceyKingman said...

You know, I think I may have done that once or twice. I am so so so sorry. :) (Not really. there. see? I'm a liar.)

Ben said...

I dont really have much to say....get over it!

love ya sister

P.S. thems just jokes!