Thursday, January 19, 2006

An Historic Moment

The fact that I posted that layout last night has been irritating me all day. Which actually clarified something for me. I don't like it. Why did I share it? Impulse, I guess. Maybe a chance for me to think about what's wrong with it, get some ideas. So thanks all.

But now. (this is where the title starts to make sense)
I have taken it apart.
And am redoing it tonight.
I have a sense of it now.
And all those 7 gypsies rubons that I so lovingly saved and then lavished all over this page?

History. (sob)

And one of my favorite sheets of Earth Spice I also had lovingly saved?

....(grinding teeth here)......

Ok, well, maybe I can salvage parts of it.

So it's becoming obvious why I posted this page. Cause I loved all the parts of it. But as a whole. No.

Interesting, Nu? Learning experience, yes? And that's good.

Something new and better that I like will be up soon.
Watch this space.


Jen said...

Hmmmm....evidently I need to go to Peas. And into my BOS.
I have been neglecting bloggitys...but I love you. Just so you know.

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...

You sound just like our Lord...Sarah you have once again displayed portions of our very being.

Thanks again.