Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year.

Hello 2006.

What do you have in store for me?

I can think of several things I'd like to request from you. Things that I don't have control over, that I want. That I want to happen to me. (become rich enough. make a name for myself. scrap for a living.)

I can think of things I'd like to be that I do have control over- the same things I've wanted since I was savvy enough to think about them, but to tell the truth, haven't made great strides in those directions. (lose weight. be more disciplined. keep the house clean. )

I can think of things I'd like to be without. (fear. depression. panic. concern for what others think of me)

I can think of things that I can do. (scrap. network in the wide world of paper. invest in the church here more. invest in my children more. spend more time with the Lord ON PURPOSE!)

I can think of places I want to go this year (bournemouth. buenos aires. santiago. st. paul. atlanta. jacksonville. vegas. {yeah, it's a scrapping convention, and alot of the cool kids are going.} )

I can think of ways I want to live (less introverted. more creative. healthier. simpler.)

But ya know what? This is a really long list of things that I probably won't achieve. It serves one purpose. To stress me out and remind me of how incapable I am of being this person I'm not.

So here's what I'm gonna do this year.

Rest. Trust the Lord. Turn to Him as often as I remember to. Remember Him. Remember who I am, and be Happy..... Wait. This is another list.

Let's reduce it even more.

We had a party over at Mom's last night, and we did a white elephant gift exchange, only it wasn't with gag gifts, it was with aspects of the Lord we'd like to have more apparent in our lives. I brought "an awareness of Him." Cole brought "roots." Annette brought "Exploration." Kim brought "Rest." Donna brought "Self Abandonment."

That was the one I got. oh yes.

Lord, You are my new year.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

happy new year my lovely lovely friend!

Mara said...

Happy New Year, Sarah!
I read this and kept thinking - ya, me too...
Hope day 1 is off to a good start :)

Goody said...

I am amazed at all of the things you even thought of. I guess I can only be content knowing that he is new every morning. He is my rest and he is the reason I am here in this place. Take some deep breaths my dearie, and fasten your seatbelt. You are in for a ride, as Colleen said "my lovely, lovely" daughter.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! I love being inspired by your insight through your posts!! steph

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Sarah! I hope this year brings you many wonderful things :)

Kim said...

Self abandonment.... He's already in you! Of course you already know that.

Thank you for the candle, it smells wonderful. But what I really like is the card you wrapped around it. Thanks again.

Love you!

Virginia said...

Dang it girl, why you always gotta be so deep and RIGHT ON with what you say?!! ;)

You have a gift. :) Your blog encourages me so much.

Happy New Year, blog friend.

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...

What I know of Sarah (by someone who lives with her daily and is not biologically bias)...
Sarah is creative, honest, loving, inspiring, delightful, will let those around her just be, thoughtful, cleverly amusing, intelligent,well-rounded, beautiful, easy to be around and fun-loving (just to mention a very few)...she is also Eternally Faithful, Constantly True, Looks just like Jesus and the most amazing part is that she has no mental conception that this is the way we see her.
I Love You Sarah and even if I was out of my senses, there is no denying these Truths about you Sis.
Keep on being Who You Are and We will soar on Our Lords Wings together, again.
Your Sister-in-Jesus,

Jeremy Uriz said...

Sorry this is unrelated to your post.
If you were going to create a video scrapbook over a year's time, how would you go about it?

e said...

your posts always make me think that....
happy new year to you ;) xe

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! That's one good resolution. So what is this Vegas thing?

Lu said...

Wow. This was such a nice post. I really loved reading it. Makes me reflect on all the great things I can do and want to have happen for me, too.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year! Great Post!

Things I'd Request: To be a *successful* photographer in occupation as well as hobby, Be more organized, an end to infertility.

And isn't it great that we can trust/rest/lean on Him?

staceykingman said...