Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A little game I like to play with myself.

Well, the old hip hurts tonight, and I think it's a combination of three things.

#1 I have a few patients at present that require some sort of lifting/turning, or combination of the two.

#2 I've been sitting at my desk on the edge of my seat, not using good ergonomics.

(I used the word "ergonomics," ergo, I get two points. It's my game)

#3 I was busy admiring my tae bo side kicks in the shadow of the street lamp walking home from the meeting tonight. Annette was doing a killer Neo dodging bullets. Like I can compete with that, no way.

Two Peas is down. It's killing me. Who woulda thunk I could become so dependent on contact with scrappers worldwide! Sheesh! Now that I've become brave enough to enter the PUB, I'm hooked. Sad, but true. (Two points because I'm blogging not peaing, and I took a bath tonight, probably only because I couldn't click my way around my favorite web hangout. Make it three points.)

I've started working on my biggest project yet. I'm a bit frightened, cause the competition is fierce, but each time I look at or think about it, I am so excited just to HAVE the thing, that I'm glad the contest motivated me to start it!!!

I'm also realizing how much I've depended on my little LSS down the road for good products. I can't find what I want, and I could always count on her to have it! (Except HS. That is nowhere to be found unless you want tapes and I have them.) It's closed. No one has Primas. I never bought a jar, but she had little baggies full of them from the bottles that broke, and I bought those (I was nervous about all those primas in two colors!) and now I can't get them anymore. I had my chance and lost it.

So let that be a lesson to us all! Seize the day! Don't wait until tomorrow to get the Primas! Follow April's lead! Buy them all! Now, ladies, now!!!
(Two points for that rousing speech of encouraging nature)

Had a wonderful late morning/early afternoon out with la Madre--Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Old Navy, Recollections, Targay (five points for target) and of course Corner Bakery. We were snatching up some special treats for my poor sweet niece Sarah, who is suffering terribly from one of the worst cases of Mono, and a couple of other complications that we can't quite get a finger on yet. She is a freshman, playing Varsity Basketball and Volleyball, and at present she can barely get out of bed. This has been dragging on for months, and she's such a trooper. She pushed and pushed herself, and now she can push no more. It's just horrible.

Other randomness? Hmm. Some sweetie pictures I took of Em today. She was busy hanging up her pictures. I love the girl with the "wainbow hai-ow dats wike a vohcano." Can you see the circles under her eyes? Her allergies are bad, and the crazy thing doesn't like to sleep! She's a night owl like her dad (and her mother is becoming, against all that is right and natural) and doesn't sleep during "woom time."

So last but not least. I did this layout with the Captured Elements paper today (yum) and I did it really quick, and I'm not sure what I think about it.

I'd like some real feedback. Feel free to not say "Oh, very cute. Love the key. " or say it if that's what you think, but I'll wonder what you think about the fonts and the stamping in that case. Two peas is back up, and it's gotten no praise. Maybe that says enough. What is that word that you want to use about a stellar layout. Refined? Perfected? Professional? Well, I think it's missing whatever that is. Oh well. Here it is. Handmade in an hour and all. (-11 points for all that deflating.)

I have a point.

No really.

One point.

I WIN! Hooray!!! I love my game!!!


Goody said...

I have to think about the latest blog paper. I raather tired,There is something about the picture bein the corner and then the remainder in Black and white.,I tundertant what yo are saying i tahink..../oj juies hndpg jhfoe it and see khe it seehbddgkk. Gooduight

Sarah said...

NOT the HOF. No way. The chatterbox one. I couldn't get the link to work last night.

And thanks for the REAL comments about the layout, even though I don't believe the last bit AT ALL. Cause you are scraptacular.

Lu said...

you have me laughing over this post. i think the LO is a little flat. Needs more texture. Something three dimensional...unless you are moving into a less if more faze. Do your thing. Feel your art, embrace your creativity and screw praise. Your praise is all that counts when it comes to creating art. All other praise is icing.

sf said...

Fun reading, i'll be back!

Anonymous said...

you are too funny sarah!
love your game...
my lss is just SAD.
i have to order everything that's new and cool online b/c they'll be getting them sometime next year.
ahhh, why do we always have to be so behind the times in NM?

Anonymous said...

I love your game too! I want to play it - 5 points for actually cooking something for dinner instead of just eating hummus and carrots again. Yay me!

Now I'm all excited to see your CB album. It's going to rule!

Personally, I don't hate the key. I like the row of thingies at the bottom.

I'm trying to get it together for HOF but I keep getting stumped. Maybe I'll make it on time but I don't know.

This is a long random comment. I should quit while I'm ahead.

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...


We have so much fun together. You are a blast.

"CRAB CYCLE"...that's all I got to say about that.

I love all of your work, however the key layout just looks different than the usual Sarah designs.

Love, Annette