Monday, January 02, 2006


Because I really need to go to bed, I'm gonna blog.

I called my sister Miss today, cause I was feeling a little down, and thought, "Oh No! She'll hear my voice and know something isn't right and say 'what.' and then I'll just yada yada all about me and she'll worry." So I had a new thought "I'll see if I can call her and be cheerful, and see if she notices. If she doesn't then I can be so proud of myself for acting so well!"

So I call her, and am all cheerful, and she doesn't say "What." Now believe it or not, that's pretty dadgum amazing.

So I ask about her and the kids and before I realize it, I'm whining and complaining. Then I'm laughing because I thought I could call her and not try to get a little sympathy! Ha! That's a great joke!

So we chatted a bit and came up with some fantastic resolutions for the new year:

"Eat more sugar"
"Catch up on my TV watching time"
"Eat out more"
"Cook less"
"Carbo-load every day, and balance those carbs with some butter (gotta have the dairy!)"

This all from the woman who spends over17 hours a week teaching aerobics classes. And from the other woman who spends all those hours and more sitting on her butt.

We spent a considerable amount of time giggling and then seriously justifying these resolutions.

Then I told her what I had thought when I called her. She started laughing. She quoted me:

"Missy! I have Chicken Pox!!!"

Here's the story.

Missy was on her senior trip to Disney World. I was 8 years old. I contracted Chicken Pox while she was gone.

Now read into this.

Mom and Dad wouldn't let anyone tell her that I had Chicken Pox.

Today she said "Like what was I gonna do? I was 18! Jump on a plane and come straight home?" Then we both chuckled and said "well, maybe!"

We both have a very distinct visual image of the moment she returned home. She of me bursting out of the house, dying to tell my most sympathetic listener who I had been held back from and finally shouting out "Missy! I have Chicken Pox" (she said she was sure I had slathered on some extra calamine to make me look more pathetic.)

I carry the image of her dear face with intense love and sympathy, mingled with laughter and surprise at my outrageous appearance. I was so happy to see her I cried. And she brought me a Mickey Mouse Shirt.

I think one of the greatest gifts my family gives me is finding myself laughed at and loved all at the same time.


Goody said...
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Goody said...

You do make me laugh! Just sitting and remembering together without the need for a lot of words is an invitation to uproarious twittering. (Like "don't look now but...")A vulgar display of negative emotions. Tsk!

Sarah said...

Ah, yes Mom, but remember, is it better to be cute or sweet? (big cheesy grin from chocolate covered girlie)

I'd say my twitterometer hit the top between you and missy today. You crack me up.

Bill Heroman said...

laughed at AND loved... together?

Maybe there's hope for me, too! :)

Jocelyn said...

i love your resolutions. they sound like what i did all 2005.

cute story! yes the gifts of your family rock.

Mara said...

ok, I've always wanted a sister and now you're making me want one even more...

the most sympathetic thing my brother did for me when I was younger was throw my cabbage patch dolls on the roof!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would have liked a sister. My brothers changed the channel during 21 Jump Street and went in my room without knocking. At least I have a sister-in-law now. Sounds like your sister is great!

e said...

awwww...i love that story ;)
you are too funny girl..xe

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, wanted to say hey. We were glad to see you.


Gina said...

Really made me smile : ). Txs Sarah. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

you always make me smile girl!

Doug E. said...

I like the resolutions. I think I could actually keep those. :-)


Lu said...

oh, sarah.. you are too much

Scott said...

Some of the best Resolutions ever. Screw Dr Atkins and his anti carb ways.


staceykingman said...

what a sweet sweet story. I'm so glad you shared it.