Sunday, January 08, 2006

Humor Me.

to announce, once again, that Emma has a great sense of humor.
She is cracking us up these days.

Today at breakfast, I was telling Cole how Aaron had asked Bill if he wanted to play basketball on Saturday.
(Bill's more of a compy type than a ball type, for those of you who don't know that)
and EMMA
says in full accent and inflection

"The bounce is gone from his bungee"
(from Wallace and Gromit) sounds like "Tha boonce is goon frrromis boongie"

I was so proud I could spit.

And I thought her Awntie Jinnie would like to know that the dream is alive.

And because I've opened the gates, I have to say them all:

"This is Preston, my doog. "
"Can't stand the stoof. Brings me oot in a rrrash."
"Porridge today, Gromit! Tuesday!"
"Not even Wensleydale?"
"We'll call him Shorn!"

Now on to Creature Comforts, which, if you have not seen, is a MUST SEE.
"We do not have all know...techonological adwances, like, you know...the double glazed windows and such, but I would like to live in a hot cahntry! Where there is water to, you know, dive, to sweem in."
"I like to escape into books and things."
"Well, I don't like be coold, and I don't like being rained on, and I find that here I'm often coold, and I'm often rained on."

*Sigh* I love Wallace and Gromit and that lion in Creature Comforts. Oh Man. And when my kids do the quotes? Well, then I know I've succeeded as a mother.


Gina said...

Love W&G. So clever.

Goody said...

Blimey! Or is that a brit saying! Emma is surely one of the group.

Anonymous said...

oh how i love wallace and gromit!
we have a 9 year old weimeraner named gromit from seeing those movies in college!
love it!

Virginia said...

I love "Emma" stories on here. I can totally hear her voice. :) You do a great job communicating it.

jayjay said...

OH oh oh, I've just read this, having got back from holiday, and it did make me snigger and laugh. Yes, the accent is coming across loud and clear, and oh joy, to get a mention as Antty Jinny.
I did enjoy the latest offering as well, and would like it on DVD. What was it called again?
Ah, the old Billy No Mates days. Love it. Dear sweet Emma. She has captured my heart.

e said...

HAHA! I totally understand...
Jack quoting movies is the best...
That is too funny xe

Anonymous said...

That is how I plan on gauging my mothering skills, should the need ever arise.

Jada's Gigi said...

Too cute and funny! My kids always quote movies a whole conversation and only they know what the heck they are talking about cause I'm not "THAT" cool of a mom that I see all the movies they see(repeatedly)...They definitely get a big kick out of it but it certainly leaves me in the dark...(maybe that's the best place for me in those circumstances) LOL

Jen said...

Hehe. I need to see that movie.