Monday, August 01, 2005

Bless his heart...he was trying

I asked him to run to the grocery store today, and he did get most of the items I requested, plus chips and a pizza, and ...wait for it...a banana tree.
Now, I have to say that I think the banana tree is one of the singularly most unappealing decorative items you can place on a counter top, next to a fly swatter wearing an apron, but I know he was just trying to help. And he bought bananas! What can I say? He's a wonderful guy. Some wives have husbands who won't darken the door of the grocery store, and some wives have husbands who dominate the food selection process, and SOME wives have husbands who bring flowers or chocolates home from the grocery store. But not this wife! I have a husband who in the process of making my life a little easier, tries just a little harder to make it even a little more...easier...yeah. So, thanks, dear. You a'ite.


Jada's Gigi said...

Oh...its soooo cute! You do have a gem of a guy there, you'd better hold on to him. :)

Virginia said...

LOL that's awesome. I can totally see my DH doing that.

(bwahaha about the flyswatter wearing an apron. almost as bad as the dish soap wearing a little dress. or those crocheted barbie doll dresses that cover up the tissue box/toilet paper).

jayjay said...

LOVE that banana thingy. Thanks Bill. . . don't ever change. LOVE the picture even better. Hope you have it framed and sitting by the bananas.

Bill Heroman said...

What can I say? I'm such a genius!