Monday, August 08, 2005

One Song!

One song! I have but One Song! One Song only for You One heart, tenderly beating, softly entreating, constant and true! One love that has possessed me, one love thrilling me through. One song my heart keeps singing, of one Love only for You!
Lord, you are my song, my heart, my yearning, my constancy, my faith, my life, my happiness! You are everything, Lord!


Virginia said...

I love this too! Thanks for not only some inspiration, but some encouragement too. :)

jayjay said...

Hi sweet sister,
Just finished a lecture and now waiting a few hours before meeting my writing class. I needed that lovely pictorial reminder of ONE SONG! (Which we all sang on Sunday). Thanks. WE also love your song about Homeward I'm heading. Oh how I think of it now. I have a stone in my pocket given me by dear brother Mark, who gave us all stones for our pocket so that everytime we felt it, we would think of HIM.
Love you lots,

Jada's Gigi said...

Amen, sister! Thanks for the reminder...:)
Our sister, Susan asked us to remember Him whenever we hear or see water. He is living water!

Unknown said...

Too cute! I love the collage look and all of these bright colours :)

Goody said...

Of course I love it the most and get to keep it for posterity..the church of Jesus Christ! Thankyou Dear.