Thursday, August 25, 2005

Five Random Facts

This has been floating around the scrappers blogs, and since the likelihood that any of those fantastic divas will tag me, I am going to start the game in our little corner of the www! I am listing 5 random facts about myself, and then will "tag" the next person, who has to (if they want to be good sports!) put 5 facts about themselves in their blog.

So about moi:

1) I am still somewhat scared of the dark. I have made great strides in my "fear factor," but I still have those nights when I am just sure someone is trying to get in, and the tree branch shadows in my window are altogether too sinister.

2) I love meat and cheese sandwhiches. No tomato, no lettuce. Just Miracle Whip, meat and cheese. Add tortilla chips with ranch dressing, and I'm in lunch heaven.

3) I cannot comprehend "Clay Aiken Mania." I know he's gifted, and a really nice guy, but somehow, *shiver* no thanks. Too much bad contemporary Christian music in my past. I totally expect him to sing "Thank You" by Ray X. Boltz on his next album.

3.5) I hate the song "Thank You" by Ray X. Boltz.

4) I really think I'm going to be famous for something someday.

5) I went to my first and only prom as a freshman in college with a guy I barely knew. Poor thing. He deserved far better.

Your turn! If you've read it, post your five facts in the comment section!


Ps. -> Virginia, you're IT!!


Virginia said...

LOL I can totally relate to all of these! That's cracking me up! And of course I want to play! I've been enviously watching all of the Divas do this in their blogs... yay- I'm special today! ;) Now- who the heck am I going to tag???

Sarah said...

See? Look up! She's a rabid fan of the scrappers blogs like me! I was desperate to get tagged...I wanted to share some two peas love...don't be hating...I'll tag whoever can answer two questions.
1) Ali Edwards son's name
2) The name of Heidi Swapp's new book.

And... I'll tag anyone else who wants to be tagged. So... YOU'RE IT!!!!

You do have excellent blogging skills. Gosh!