Saturday, August 20, 2005

Come in! Come in!

To all who are weary...come.
I did this page for a dare on 2ps, but in the creating process, I found I myself thinking of this verse, and the way the Lord is. I was wondering if I wanted to use this poem, because of the "liar, pretender, magic bean buyer" bits, but I realized that it is exactly what the Lord says to us.

All who are thirsty, come. All who are weary, come. All who have burdens, come. All who are needy, come.
I am Supply. I am Rest. I am Water. Come, little ones, come and live inside peace and happiness. Come into a fabulous world of wonder and delight! Come and know the mysteries of eternity! Come and experience the love that sparked creation! Come in and know me better!!


Goody said...

Me too! A must have actually! Hi Missy!

Goody said...

Just wanted to comment on Bo's! Sounds like you have a good first grade teacher! Can't believe you are already 6 years old!!!

jayjay said...

Wonderful artwork, wonderful poem (taken in the context you wrote later on down the blog) and wonderful wonderful Lord.
Thanks Sarah. . . keep it coming. I regard your blog as a kind of special bucket into the WELL.
Much love J

Virginia said...

I love the correlation you drew between Jesus & the poem... very cool page. :)

Mike Morrell said...

Yes, I just need to get up some funds, and you're hired!

For a much more modest creation of my own, see the Berry/Durham Photo Page. Here a few pics--some recent, others a year old--of the "Roman diaspora."

Jada's Gigi said...

Awesome! Yes, I'll come!