Friday, May 13, 2005

This is One You Would Usually Glance Over and Pass By, But it Ends Well

It's been quite a busy week. The Mavericks game is on tv, and it's a bit too early to go to bed...I think I'll take a bath and read. Wow, I'm tired. The little things have really gotten me down this week. I try to remember the Lord at the good times as well as the bad.
Emma had her ballet recital yesterday, and I don't think she could've been any cuter. It almost hurt to look at her! She was so happy and sparkly and excited, and she did so well! I was very proud of her. I was the backstage mom, and our little group of girls was the best behaved bunch! I don't know if this is because they are all a bit shy and were uncertain of the situation, or because I scared the living daylights out of them. I don't think I was very bossy, but a little bossy for me is extremely bossy for others. Oh well. They had fun. No, they did, really!

On call this weekend. House is a mess. Dishes in the sink from lunch...faucets dripping everywhere, dust in corners, weeds in yard, unmentionables in garbage outside, the AC in my car makes a funny noise when I turn it on and smells like rotten fish. My back hurts. My nose is running incessantly, and I am frequently sneezing. Emma threw 3 fits today, 2 of them public, and I broke Mom's expensive plates at the shop. I left my bracelet and watch at the salon. (They called back and said they had them.) I had 2 close calls in the car today, and I haven't had a shower. I guess I could do that instead of blogging. But I'm sitting here now, and to do the other would require too much movement at this point. Sitting still is nice.

Again I'll say it, whether I succeed, or whether I fail, He is all. This could be a list of the wonderful, fabulous, "everythings-going-so-well" day I might have had. Then I would be all "Oh! God is so good! He is so gracious and loving, and in every moment! He overwhelmed me with good things and showed his mercy and kind-intention on a minute by minute basis." You would believe me, and would wonder what was wrong with you that God didn't bless you like that. Well, sistah, I am here to tell you that my day was wretched, and oh, God is so good. He is so gracious and loving and in every moment. He overwhelmed me with Himself and showed His mercy and kind-intention on a minute by minute basis.

Believe it? You'd better, because that's the truth. He is our strength and our weakness. Our joy and our sorrow. He is all. Everything comes from Him, opportunites in every second of every minute of every hour of every day to KNOW Him. As He is. Not as we think He should be, but as He is. He far exceeds every expectation.

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, said...

You are oh-so right, "sistah"!
When the darkness closes in, when I'm found in the desert place, when the roads marked with suffering, Blessed be the Name of the Lord.