Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lego Man Bo

When I find something great, I am crazy-mad in my advertising of it. The fires are hot, but generally short lived. So, while Bill and I are all about blogging right now, I just had to pass the joys of it this case, to my five year old son.

Here is his little blog spot. He plans on writing a lot of stories to put in there. I think they will all feature the following characters: Spiderman, Power-Bam (his made-up alter ego super hero), Annakin, Luke, DarthVader, Vladek (a lego guy from the Knight's Kingdom series) and Dok Ock, who was invading our bathroom this morning with his clanking, assaulting arms. (It is ra-heely hard to brush that dude's hair!) Thomas may make an occasional appearance, but he is outgrowing him a a bit. Sigh.

I'm sure he will be willing to respond to any comments posted his way!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You utter and complete nerdy dork! where have you been. Oh yeah. dalton. Ummm! Sounds like you had fun though!