Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thanks For Your Expression

Thank you Lord, for your body here on the earth. For brothers who will proclaim you and glorify you, and for sisters who lift you up and adore you.

Even in my slump, Lord, I get to witness the radiating love you pour out on those who gather in Your name. I love you. I'm glad that when I have lost the energy to turn to you, I have brothers and sisters who will grab on to me, and hold me up, and take me to you. I'm so grateful that when I'm not "feeling" it, you are still being explored and loved and adored, and I can witness it.

Thank you that I don't have to do this on my own. That I was not made to do this on my own. That I was made to be part of a corporate expression. Your body, your parts, functioning together.

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jayjay said...

So true, and thank YOU for your part in that. We were reading this weekend from Ephesians, 'that you might discover, WITH ALL THE SAINTS, the length, depth, breadth and width of his LOVE which passes all understanding' . . .Very appropriate in the light of your own comments. HE loves you SO much.