Sunday, May 22, 2005


Went camping this weekend, well, just for Friday night. It was hot, but not unbearable, and just a bit too much work for the fun. Friday evening was great, cooking hot dogs, hanging out with friends, swimming in the lake, eating and drinking and making merry in general, but I think that it's overrated as an activity. I spent the day yesterday putting away gear, doing laundry, trying to clean up the dirt that got everywhere, and by 1:00 it was time for Bo's soccer game. When we got home from that , we were all drop-dead tired and fell asleep. So today I still have more laundry to do, and more putting away to do. It's alright, it's just the way life is. It just sometimes seems unfair that if you want to relax a little, you have so much more work to do later to make up for it. So why bother?
The kids had a great time. That's why.


Bill Heroman said...
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jayjay said...

Hee hee, it does sound great though, and if you had gone for longer, maybe it wouldn't have felt so bad, all the clearing up. When my sister just goes away for a weekend to the bach, it's the same. But long summer holidays are different.
Aw Bill!!!
Love Jen