Monday, May 30, 2005

Moments of Life and Death

I LOVE my life! I know, I grumble alot, but really, I wouldn't trade living in the church right now for anything. I just got back from a weekend in Philadelphia with the saints there, which was so wonderful. What a privilege just to stand in their midst and look at their faces and know that She is still in Landsdowne. Oh what a bright torch she is burning high up on that mountain!
On the flight home, the weather was some of the worst I've ever encountered while flying, and I really thought I might not make it home. While losing and then regaining altitude at enormous speed, like the sky was drowning in rain and was trying to take a huge gulp of air and us with it, I decided what my last deeds on earth would be. First I would write a note. I planned to put it in my mouth so that it wouldn't burn up or be lost or anything. Then I would try to use the phone to call Bill and tell him and the kids that I loved them. I would shout to the people on the plane that Jesus Christ is all that matters. Then I would hang on and brace myself for the end. At that point I had several thoughts. One was: "I'm glad I got to see Philly before I died!" I felt strangely peaceful about it all, and marveled at that. I shed a few tears (it was truly a horrifying scene out of the window, and I have NO fear in me at all of flying. ) I broke out into a horrid sweat, and prayed that if I lived through the night, may He please keep me from vomiting! But there was something in the middle of me that was resting. There in the very center of who I am, there was no fear, no regret. Just Christ.
So here's the note that never got placed between my molars, by the grace of God!

Dear Bill, Bo and Emma.
I love you very much.
Jesus Christ is all that Matters.

Sarah Heroman May 29th, 2005

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jayjay said...

Aw, I was WITH you on that trip to Philly. I'd love to be with them all again. At least some small historic part of Philly will be with US this weekend: Nick. AND then there's Kathy and Debby from Jax, and two brothers from Holland. Well, hey, what glories will we see. THanks for your reminder of how wonderful this life is, Sarah.