Monday, February 26, 2007

They say it's a blur.

I remember being totally calm and happy inside.

I remember it was sunny and fresh.

I remember how glad I was to get those curlers out finally.

I remember being mad at Bill, and then forgiving him when I pulled out the pearls and realized the booklet he made was not to be handed out at the wedding.

I remember being completely overwhelmed and amazed at the way the men in my future family had completely draped the room in flowers, roses, gerber daisies, tulips, ivy, lights, the smell was intoxicating and it was more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I remember wanting all eblings in the dressing room with me.

I remember taking pictures and not worrying about my smile being right.

I remember bossing people around.

I remember the feel of my dad's cheek when he kissed me and left me.

I remember Bill.

I remember Mike's accent, but little of what he said.

I remember the sound of Jenny and Dave singing.

I remember feeling right at home.

I remember telling Lori "That felt like about 5 minutes" and her saying "It totally was."

I remember meeting Mike and Judi.

I remember the dj putting in some wretched evangelical music and Bill and I recognizing it at the same time and putting a stop to that immediately.

I remember Motown.

I remember "My Maria"

I remember dancing.

I remember my brother saying "This is heaven. I have died and gone to heaven."

I remember thinking he was right.

I remember slamming my bar on the fist and asking for my first drink of the night. "Make me something fruity."

I remember this was happening right about the time the new men in my family were encouraging my husband to get us out the door.

I remember Missy rushing in to kiss me one more time, and crying.

I remember the money and the card that our best man left on the front seat of our car.

I remember the window sealing shut- converting the sounds of everyone to the sound of us.

I remember much more than this.

I remember everything.


Pound said...

dude were you just TRYING to make me cry?!

but then i read "make me something fruity" and i was alright again. =P

Virginia said...

oh wow! i feel like i was there. happy anniversary! :) (i'm assuming, at least! tee hee!)

Colleen said...


happy anniv!

Goody said...

I remember too. Differently though. A beautiful baby dressed up in a bridal costume. Lots of adorable small peeps who looked like fairies and tiny men. A room decorated for a princess with the smell of abundant flowers. The wondering where the 23 years had gone. The loss and yet the gain. The Lord and his love. The crash afterward. And much more..........

Shelly Brewer said...

OMG. That was just amazing. Can you please do a page with that. It is magical.

Jada's Gigi said...

beautiful memories everyone of pays to pay attention to the little things...they end up being the big things....

jayjay said...

OOhhhh thanks for this, Chooooook. I wasn't there, but now I was. Amember?
Saw the video later, but now I was there, remembering too. THANKS. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

i think this is why i love you

jill said...

Love this so much. Happy Anniverary!

caroline said...

happy anniversary!

Angie said...

Well, that's enough to make my heart swell! Beautiful.

missquiss said...

that journaling must be scrapped! happy anniversary!