Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dance, Dance, Baby.

Emma has to sit in the circle tommorrow. That's what she has to do when she gets in trouble at school. When I asked her what for, she soberly replied "For shakin' my booty at naptime."

One of the fun things about motherhood is the little surprises that pop up everywhere. This, for example, in the bathroom. It makes sense you know. I mean, it's Lightning McQueen! Of COURSE the ducks are gonna ask for a ride. Sheesh!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry--I've never actually commented on your blog before--but "shakin my booty at naptime"?!? I wanna cry that's so stinkin' hilarious! HILARIOUS! Love that kid!

Jada's Gigi said...

shakin her booty?!? LOL :)

caroline said...

shaking her booty, eh?
love that!

Shelly Brewer said...

Can't fault the girl for feelin the need to shake her booty!! So stinkin funny!

Pound said...

your kid is hilarious!!!! and that pic is adorable. i love pics from the back.

and ya, the random toy thing cracks me up. ethan was selling me fish in the bathtub the other day. in an old tofu package lol

Goody said...

What cute pictures! Sigh! She told me that she had escaped the circle and was thankful that she got to come over. No wonder she was so cheer. Vindication!

Anniek said...

Found your blog through HMITM. Have been visiting your gallery at two peas too and have seen some great stuff.
What means shakin my booty? I'm from the Netherlands and don't know what this expression means, so I'm missing all the fun ;(